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  1. Many thx for the answer. I tried to pull it that way, but I was unable to pop it off. Being unsure about how it was done, I pulled gently to avoid breaking it off. Tomorrow I'll try again, this time a bit harder Regards
  2. Greets. I bought a prebuilt gaming rig with the K280 case. I need to install a new DVD drive, but i'm being unable to take off the front bezel as instructed in the CM k280 manual (for reference http://www.coolermaster.com/xresserver01-DLFILE-P130218052823fc-F1303040066ab44.html ) The instruction manual is not very specific about this point (2.5.1 in the leaflet), and I'm not able to figure how the :) take it off. Anyone can help? Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a noobish issue. L