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  1. Great, thanks! I'll ship the fan sometime next week. My problem was that the fan just stopped working. A few days after I installed the cooler, I noticed that my cpu temps would climb until the PC shut itself down. I opened up the case and it turned out that the Hyper TX3 Fan wasn't spinning at all. I tried plugging the fan into one of the two other fan headers in my motherboard but nothing worked.
  2. I bought a Hyper TX3 on July 16, 2014 and the included fan stopped working on July 20. The next day, I submitted a parts request # USPR0038087. It's been eight days since then and the "check status" page says that the request is still "pending approval." My question is: how long does it usually take for this process? It seems like mine is taking a while and I don't have another 92mm fan at the moment so my PC is pretty much a huge paperweight right now.