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  1. My Cooler Master CM Storm Keyboard Wishlist: http://community.coolermaster.com/index.php?/topic/11369-cooler-master-cm-storm-keyboard-wishlist/
  2. Cooler Master CM Storm Keyboard Wishlist: 1. QuickFire TK Keyboard Layout 2. Cherry MX Blue Key Switches 3. RGB Backlight (aka Corsair's Cherry RGB keys, which have electrical short failure protection of LEDs) with individual key color programming via color profiles. 4. Custom keyboard profiles via software with cloud storage (aka Razer Synapse). And perhaps an additional single row of macro keys on the left side (aka Razer BlackWidow Ultimate), but with a slightly lowered surface height (aka Corsair K95). 5. PS2 adapter for full N-Key Rollover (alongside USB) and perhaps the key repeat rate adjustment found on the CM Storm QuickFire XT. 6. Corsair-like removable wrist rest (aka K70 & K95). 7. Corsair-like key removal and keyboard cleaning ability by having the lower surface under the keys flush with the rest of the upward facing keyboard surface. 8. Num Lock & Caps Lock with keycaps that have a vertically aligned transparent area (aka the CM Storm QuickFire XT F9 key) with an additional RGB LED per key to allow for a seperate RGB color profile for on/off (aka a red vertically aligned transparent keycap area while the rest of keyboard keys (including the upper printed word section of the CAPSLK and NUMLK) are a different color. Thanks and get to work!... LOL