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  1. The GTX 800 series is going to be much lower wattage. I'm not sure what AMD has in the works next but they really need to focus on power efficiency. But until video cards are able to run off of 25w some of us will still want fan mounts instead of a window. Since many seem to differ on window or fan, maybe CM should just have one of each side panel for every case. This would not be anything new but it would increase sales while simultaneously lowering manufacturing costs. Everybody's happy!
  2. 140mm PWM Fans that beat Noctua NF-14 Industrial PPC IP67 2000RPM and Akasa Viper 140mm PWM fans on airflow, silence, and static pressure...plus similar case fans that come in a larger variety of colors and LEDs than has ever been done in the past. I know...I don't ask for much!
  3. If this concept becomes reality then I hope that CM will still be good enough to pay me my asking price!
  4. Solves all limitations of entire HAF series with one case that would be very loved by both liquid and air coolers. So who can I talk to? I'm not asking for a boat load of cash, just something... because it is a very great concept that everyone is going to love.
  5. I have designed a concept for what would most likely become a better selling case than the HAF 932. I even have a very fitting name as part of the HAF series. That being said I am not going to just give the idea away for free!