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  1. Cm Ray. Is there any word from "whoever" in marketing-approval-let's get this going- authority yet? I'm dead serious about my idea and the price i'm willing to pay for it. i LOVE the haf915f for many reasons, one of which is that the motherboard is horizontal meaning NO heavy video card sag anymore. Thanks.
  2. Micro atx or FULL SIZE regular ATX motherboard " version" of the CM Haf 915f while keeping the motherboard orientation EXACTLY the same and the psu location the same. I LOVE the idea of the CM Haf 915f stacker as it is my DREAM idea of a sff pc case as it STILL allows the BEST of the best pc components within 95% reasoning ( phtc14pe cooler actually fits+ 12" video card+ 190mm psu although it is a tight fit). Is there ANY way possible you all can produce a Micro or FULL SIZE atx EXACT version of this with some upgrading-exceptions? Upgrades are of the following: ** PLEASE DON'T alter the mounting " height" of the motherboard mounts in any way. This WILL STILL allow the best of the best cpu air coolers, such as the phanteks phtc14pe and noctua nh d14 coolers, to still have just enough clearance to work with this case. 1. ( A.) Obviously build the case to handle the size of both mini itx and Micro Atx , ( or if full size atx.- mini itx, micro atx and full size regular atx motherboards) motherboards thus the case is still the same height but WIDER to allow the bigger boards. ( B.). Increase overall length by 2 inches to allow FULL room for two 3.5" hdd's to be mounted longways , perpendicular to the psu and perpendicular to the length of the case. Allow the user to install the hdd's power/data sata plugs of the hdd's to be facing either way. 2. Since the case WILL allow matx or atx boards, this leaves possible room for another ssd mounting spot next to the PSU on the floor? 3. KEEP the full size optical disc drive bay there, but allow dual size mounting of either two total 3.5" hdd's or 2 2.5" ssd's or combo of each while obviously allow removal of whatever tiny brackets or screw-on mounts that would otherwise hinder 5.25" o.d.d. installation if the customer was using a bluray burner/dvd burner. 4. I'm sorry but Dimitri from "HardwareCanucks" on youtube was correct. The CURRENT haf 915f's psu intake filter idea is ASININE. I said that, no Dimitri, but I'm sure he would agree. The customer SHOULD NOT have to uninstall the psu JUST to access the intake filter. Take a cue from Corsair Obsidian 550d ( my current case although it too has its own cons as I'm looking for haf915f or THIS idea's upgrade) Or, if you can't afford to use magnets as a way of easily attaching and removing the psu air intake filter, then do EXACTLY what Silverstone did with their "Raven 5" case. This idea of psu intake filter allows the customer to remove and re-slide back into place the under the floor intake fan filters/ONE long big 160mm wide fan filter FROM THE FRONT OF THE CASE where the power buttons,etc are. I am SICK of pc case makers implementing the OPPOSITE of this REQUIRING ( looks at Corsair's via Obsidian series for example) the customers must lift and/or spin the damn case around/tilt turn it to access the bottom PSU filter from the REAR of the case. Cooler Master, NZXT, Corsair, ThermalTake, Silverstone, and many others have BEEN around long enough ( since at least the past 7 to 10 years) to make " front-accessible PSU air intake filters" a STANDARD even on budget-value marketed cases let alone the enthusiast crowd WITHOUT it costing extra money in the manufacturing and R&D departments. Choose whichever option is CHEAPER for your company to build/produce or buy from whatever other company can create it and sell it to you for whatever wholesale account discount you get. I'LL GLADLY pay $100.00 to 125.00 USD ( S100.00 for Micro ATx version and $125.00 for the regular full size atx motherboard version) FOR THIS EXACT CASE THAT MATCHES " precisely" ALL of my ideas in this request. You are currently selling the Haf 915f for around $70.00 bucks in USA and Canada. This is a pretty good price. PLEASE make both matx and atx-size versions of this case happen. Either way, thanks for a pretty good case CM. I'm already planning a mini itx build, but I have NO PROBLEM changing that to a micro atx build or especially a full size regular ATX build to install a 5930k plus 880ti . PLEASE?? ( drools over full size atx haf 920?? option?. ) Thank you for your time. Long time customer here