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  1. Update: was given a toll free # to call and the gentleman physically went to the warehouse to look for it and found my request buried deep under a bunch of others and mailed it out via UPS 3 day shipping. I should get it this Friday. I was very happy to hear its finally being shipped so I can finish this build. Thanks to all!
  2. I am in Alabama and I did make the request. When I talk to the customer service representative I get the same response each time : shipping manager is unable to be reached to get status. So I just continue to wait with a computer not complete yet. I talked to the company I bought this case from on Amazon and they tell me I need to go this route as they won't take it back. I suppose if its anothet week or so I just ship it back to them, demand a refund and just don't purchase another CoolerMaster case. This was my first time buying a product from CooletMaster.
  3. How long does it usually take to receive a missing part from CoolerMaster? I have a part request number that was created back on the 27th of June. It is also showing "approved" status. The customer rep I have been in touch with is doing his very best to get me an answer but he is not getting anywhere. Is this what to expect from RMA dept?? It just a parts accessory bag missing from an Elite 130.