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  1. Yes, right now one fan is plugged into my motherboard, but the other isn't because the cable is too short, so I need one adapter for him.
  2. I managed to install one fan on the bottom of my case, right in front of the power supply and under my graphic card. And yes, this time I used a better screwdriver and managed to put every screw correctly. The only problem now is that I need to buy two 4-pin adapter to be able to plug both fans on my power supply, because others fans come with the adapter, but this one didn't.
  3. Is there any specific oil for that? Now I'm working, but I will update here when I got home and try to install the fans again. Thank you both guys.
  4. I will try everything you told me and I will come here again to give a feedback. Since I'm from Brazil now is 1am here, and tomorrow I have to go to work and watch world cup, so... I will try my best to come back in like 13hrs from now. Really thanks again.
  5. Ok, I think I have everything here so I'll give it a shot. And about the standard solution (using typical screw), right now the screw is half way on the hole, he's missing like 3mm to completely pass through the hole, should I push and try to get it done? I don't know if the plastic will break, because the hole is almost on the edge of the plastic, so... yeah, first time installing fans. =[ Btw, thanks for helping me.
  6. I bought two case fan Blade Master XtraFlo 120mm and the metal screws that comes with it simply don't fit on the holes of the fan. The holes are smooth and it is very hard to fasten the metal screws through it, I tried to push it pretty damn hard but it didn't work, and now I have one screw metal stuck on one of the holes. So I'm wondering, should I buy others metal screws that fits or I am just a noob (and this is my first time trying to install by myself)? Because I don't want to break it, but these things simply can't fit, god I'm sad now.