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    Sneak Peak – Glacer 360L

    I am furious personally been holding off on a new build for months waiting on this cooler. Topic: when is the Glacer 360l going to be released A representative will be connected, please be patient. We are still trying to connect you, please be patient. If you don't want to wait please leave a message. Thank you! Robert Nosek enters the chatroom. Robert Nosek 9:30:51 AM Hello Christian, thank you for waiting and welcome to Cooler Master Live Help! My name is Robert Nosek and I will be assisting you today. Your case number is 69371 and you may refer to that number for future visits. Please hold for one minute while I review your question. Thank you for your patience. Hi Christian, at this point and time the 360L has been placed on haitus as we will be launching the new Nepton 120 and 240 mm radiators. Christian 9:32:42 AM haitus? as in you are not going to launch it ? Robert Nosek 9:34:07 AM Yup. There was talks of bringing this to market but they've switched over to push the nepton series. So the project is not necessarily dead, but at this time they are not working on releasing any 360mm radiator for any of our water cooling lines. Christian 9:34:48 AM so maybe at some point but not in the near future maybe never Robert Nosek 9:35:23 AM Yup. Christian 9:35:42 AM that stinks I held my build back for months waiting on it Robert Nosek 9:37:31 AM I know. A few folks brought this up lately which surprised me. I would say keep a lookout in 2015 if we begin to make any new announcements on larger radiator sizes, but nothings going to come out this year. Christian 9:37:46 AM thanks man