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  1. Bought it from Germany and I'm in Croatia. Due to the absurd shipping prices which would account for over half the price of the headset itself, return is simply not an option. I don't think the headset is faulty. The reason being, it works fine on 3.5mm jacks and this is an issue I have experienced with other usb headsets as well. At the moment I have the Plantronics 4-Something Something which came with the usb extension option and if I utilize it, the same thing happens with them. Perhaps there's an adapter or an USB hub whose job is to clear up power noise? Does such a thing exist?
  2. Good day, I just purchased the above mentioned headset and found that the minute usb is plugged in the headphones get extremely irritating buzzing/static/white noise. I tried connecting the headset directly using the 3.5mm jacks(without using the "puck") and it worked fine, no noise...until I once again plugged in the usb which comes with the jacks and the noise starts again. PSU is a Corsair H1100 (I think...) which is plugged into a surge protector. I did try plugging the headset into a laptop and the noise persisted...even if the power cord is out... As long as an USB is connected, the noise is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated.