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  1. Hi there, I am living in Sydney, Australia. Is the 3 exposed wires really defects?
  2. Is there anyone who can help me? Is that a defect during manufacture, or supposed to be like that? And what are they used for if the three exposed wires should be there?
  3. Hi, there, I triple checked the cables, and i found HDD LED, RESET SW and POWER SW connector. So the question becomes that Is the right that in COSMOS II there are 3 exposed wires among the cables connected to the fan control panel or the front USB console?
  4. Hi there, I just unpacked the Coolermaster Cosmos II case from ebay. The package seemed to be in orginal seals. But after unpacking it, I found that three of the cables connected to the fan control panel are without connector heads, and the inside copper wires are exposed directly. I did some research on the internet, and figured out these three cables are HDD LED, Reset SW, and Power SW. I will attach images below. Image 1 is what it looks like at the moment, and image 2 is what it should be. Because the purchase date is July 8th. It is almost one month past. I have no idea that it is a faulty good from the ebay seller or it is a mistake made by manufacturer. So, I am wondering that if I want to repair the cable where i should return the case? should i return it to ebay seller? Or should i return it to coolermaster as i think it is within the warranty you should provide? I am living in Sydney in Australia. Please advise me the next step i am supposed to do. And please respond to me as soon as possible. Thanks in advance.
  5. Ok. Another question. If I go for v8 gts, does it fit asus Maximus vii gene, which is m-atx board?
  6. Hi there, I am new here. It was my first time to build a high-end gaming rig. I have purchsed COSMOS II case. And from the following web page for COSMOS II I have learnt the liquid cooling compatibility list. But I have noticed that in one of the illustrations, the liquid cooler for cpu is not included in the provided compatibility list. As I am not familiar with liquid cooling at all, I cannot find any clue for that cooler. So i am posting here, and wondering who can figure out what liquid cooler was used in that illustration. What is the brand and what is its specification? and where can i buy it? I am living in Australia. Please check the attachment, in which i have highlighted the special cooler in a red circle. Thannks ever so much.