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  1. Hello. Not too long ago my gpu "shorted" or broke and i am now trying to find the cause. After sending it in to the dealer i bought it at, they presume that there is some kind of liquid resedue on the back of the card, and are telling me that the warranty does not cover liquid-damage(which is fine i suppose). The issue is that i dont know where this liquid originates from. So the only possible suspect right now is my CM Nepton 280L, i believe its called. I have not been able to spot any visible liquid spillage in my case or on other components, but after taking the cooler out of my case i hear that there is quite a bit of air in the loop. Is this normal, or is my gpu-killer the liquid cooler? Also, are there any ways to test for leakage with the cooler outside of my computer?
  2. Well i had my fans connected to two cpu_opt connectors on the motherboard, and those cant be controlled unless you have a thermometer connected to the motherboard. I only had one Cpu_cha connector that was close enough to the radiator fans, so i put a "rpm limiter cable" on the second one, wich keeps it at 1200 rpm which works great. The really strange thing is that i was able to controll all of them for the first 2-3 weeks, and i dont know how when i probably shouldnt have been able to? :l
  3. Hi! I recently built my own computer and have had no problems with it this far, just recently i lost the ability to controll the speed of the fans on the radiator and the waterpump. I managed to find the problem with the fans, but my pump is still stuck at max speed. (as shown from the brightness of the light around the company brand) Is it bad that it runs at max speed all the time, and is there anything i can do to fix it if its necessary? Any help appreciated Pc specs: Asus Rampage IV black edition motherboard, Nepton 280L watercooler and Intelcore i7 4820k processor.