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  1. Mmh OK so this must be the purpose, indeed. P.S. the 915R is a really good case ! I can put inside both a mini ITX PC with an AMD 5750 card AND another HDD cage ! Wasn't sure it would be long enough, but it is
  2. nope, the 5.25" drive bay is a tool-less one, as for the 925' bays (with the "open/lock" big thing)
  3. Indeed, but the provided 915 is the 915R in the 935 package, and I still did find 4 pieces of these rubber things. Which, according to the manual, are not featured with the 915R only. So I guess that they are to be used for the 925. (manual says : 915F : 12 pieces (as you say, to install the drives); 915R : 0 pieces; 935 : 4 pieces. )
  4. Hi, thanks for your very quick answer ! So that's the place I thought it would be if I had to put it without the bushings... (and if my English is correct lol) in that case, what are they used for ?
  5. Hi, I recently bought the HAF stacker 935 case, and want to mount my 2 PCs on it. Had no problem with the mini ITX configuration, but for the ATX... The specs says there is a tray for a 2'5 drive behind the M/B tray, but the manual does not give info of where it is and how to install the drive... I guess it uses the provided 4 rubber bushings, as for the HAF stacker 915F case. But I did not find any place where I could put these bushings and my SSD... can you please provide me with info on how to install it ?