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    Now thats more like it.. When im playing BF3 and titanfall which is way less demanding than Crysis, the temp peaks around 58-60 deg with no overclocking. Are you recording with realtemp??
  2. rabiestz

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    Hello Dave, When running prime95 smallfft, under 100% load with 3691 MHz it reaches 70 C. During idle, the temperature sits around 31-33 C on all cores. Using the gygabyte easytune app, it states that the rpm for the cpu "fan" is around 6553. For the thermal paste im using the supplied one inside the box. The radiator fans rotates at 1400 RPM under any load and i think that should be quite enough. And yes i almost forgot to remove that plastic film haha... So any ideas about temp. readings?? is it quite normal with you guys? The ambient temp. in here is VERY tropical and im quite sure that it contributes a major effects on the cooling performance..
  3. rabiestz

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    Hello there, Seems that were having a similar setup. I'm using the XB windowed top version but i think there are no differences with the other XB variants. I put the radiator inside and the dual 14 fans outside and it fits when i closed the front cover/grill. Maybe your build-in front PCB is a little bit dislocated. Anyway i wanna ask about my nepton 280l performance since its quite far from what they have advertised or legit testing from well know websites. My rig specification : - intel i7 4770 - gigabyte z87m-d3h - 4 gb corsair valueselect x 2 - radeon r9 270x The ambient temperature is around 30 c. When running prime95 blend for half hour, it reaches 70 c in one of the cores. Similar result when running in small fft also. Running the latest 3dmark & battlefield 3 reaches 60 c. Ive been re-screwing the pump but there is no improvement also. I'm just wandering because the results were not even as close to what the other tester have yield. And im not even considering OC since its already hot.