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  1. Yes, finally avaible in EUrope
  2. Maby you can switch it in shop for Hero VI ROG ?
  3. THX Bro I was on Sabertooth 990FX earlier and i liked it a lot Now on ROG -> Great MoBo Greets and take care
  4. I have it runing with Hero VI AM3+ Mount NP ! 14-28deg.cels. ! LOL 3.9GHz 4.02GHz 4.2GHz Ready ! Darn Fast
  5. Pick ASUS C.Hero VI it has AM3 holes Good MOBO, and Flash it to new 1002 Beta BIOS (best to do it is from the BIOS USB Update)
  6. Thanks for the info I just go for ASUS C Hero VI (it has AM3 mounting holes on board) And i will wait patiently for AM4 ones from CM But i will have it on Nepton 280 right from the start
  7. THX :-) i will track the updates on the matter.
  8. When we can get our hands on AMD4 mounting bracket for Nepton 280L? 20-30days and i will have my new AMD AM4 ZEN k17 x8 build Plese give me some update i have warranty valid for 2019. THX and have a great day CM
  9. Hello CM ! I want to ask you question: The AMD ZEN AM4 is a round the corner now I want to USE my ALL Mighty Nepton 280L on new AMD ZEN 8/16 ! Tell me what we need? will you ship some free upgrade kits for Nepton 280L so we can Cool this Monster?
  10. It's a Year and 3 moths now ! My Nepton 280L Still Perform Great Also i'm using Backplate from my Sabertooth (that one with Ceramique cover) ofcorse it's Customised, but was worth a while (difficult to fit all together) Now My Nepton 280L Performs even Better ! THX CM
  11. Nor RMA just e-mail them and tell about Your concern regarding pump. And then decide
  12. Hmm, I don't know what i can help you with. Its a little loud, mine is silent, almost non audiable. maby you should contact with CM Support, and let them hear and then make some moves. Greets Bro
  13. I think you have to give it some time. If performance is OK then is OK. Also look into HWiNFO64 and check Pump speed -> should be 6700-7200 RPM and thats is OK. I have no problems with My Nepton 280L, when i'm turning on my RIG is a little loud for abot less than 1min. then water flows through and its almost silent Have Fun bro
  14. Hi I have Nepton 280L v.2 about a year now ! And all noises and Pump "weird" behavior is normal thing. Nothing to worry about Always set in BIOS and in Windows 30-50% Fan profiles (no need for more really And fan's 140mm are sound-less. I barely hear my computer working. Pump needs 1min to up 1h to full up its speed and eficiency ! I'm Easy ! on CM so Nepton 280L is Great WC AiO -> the Best performance to date !
  15. Now its 5 months i have Nepton 280L v2.1 And its Great AiO -> everything is fine and very quiet
  16. This is my RIG, right now. Im waiting for may new CM PSU 1000W Silent pro gold
  17. quote name="NickNasc" post="110396" timestamp="1406298514"]Same issue I have seen everywhere but no answers so I come to the source. No matter what fan speeds I set in bios the fans run at 1800 + THE NOISE IS DRIVING ME NUTS. Cpu fan is hooked to pump running on SMART 7K +/- The Double fans set up in push pull are on cpu fan 2 Tried SMART , Adjusting to each level in temps , Auto AND OVERRIDE static speeds.............. THEY RUN ON FULL NON STOP. hmm i have Sabertooth 990FX and in UEFI i have set 33% min and 70%max fan speed and in WIn8.1 on Sabertooth ASUS AI Suite for OC and stuff i have set my own curve for fans (all fans including CPU fan) and max in stress 4.2GHz is 1.200/1.400RPM and in addition to XFX (which is louder lol) when i plaing games it is unnoticable 4me Check all in UEFI and OC soft for your Mobo
  18. HWinfo64 in Sensor mode. Also you have to check how tight is it Put on Processor. And check Fan speed cuz to Low in profile fan ex. 850-1000RPM you will have temps higher than on 1300-1600RPM
  19. I dont like soft like Prime or other stuff like this cuz its readings are way off the chart you should monitor when gaming or doing something for real not synthetics. Im using Crysis 3 and temps under stress 4.1GHz 1.5v are about 48-49 degr. ambient 28-30 degr. So its very cool also the MOBOs temps are 12 degr. lower , so lots of improvement when i changed from Zalman Performa Copper (1kg with fan)
  20. I have Nepton 280L for about 12 days and im very happy wit' it CPU is Phenom II x6 1100BE and easily go for 4.3GHz =<50 deg celsius Fan is 950-1260PWN whooa Monster. MAX is 4.6 but i will go for 5GHz when my build is Completed THX CM :-) And God Poseidon give Us the Nepton 280L. Hail to the King of Water -> But im waiting now for CM Cosmos SE cuz my Tower is too small for that monster so it goes with one JetFlo 14 for now with add Fan Here is what i have now: June 15