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  1. Yes, Nordic will have Brown and Blue Switch. Brown available NOW, likely only a matter of days before it comes to shops like Komplett. Blue to follow in Dec or January.
  2. For ireland you are best of going to Amazon UK. But in MX Blue the UK layout isnt carried I believe
  3. Wow, thats a great review you have done there, very detailed! Weight feedback we already made actions towards, we will offer those feet in the box with new batches As for the software, depending on the mode you can select the zones seperatly already... Texture: really? Almost everyone else seem to not like rubberized and prefer this new PBT direction we are going for. Care to explain a bit more why you prefer this?
  4. For Belgium we are VERY limited in what we offer in the local Belgium keyboard layout actually. If you are looking for a Pro S in BE layout that I am sorry but I have to dissapoint you, we dont carry that. But, if you want a US International layout then I suggest you contact our, they can likely hook you up. Since our EU HQ is located in NL the shipping is quite realistic and the warranty is directly with us so thats a plus too.
  5. Hi there, You can request your extra mouse feet with our support department over at Nice to see you are such a fan of the Xornet/Spawn and now MM520 -family
  6. The removable aspect shouldnt impact this. But you dont have any free ports on the PC directly because you plug it in over the HUB?
  7. Well you are on the CM forum so obviously we will advise you to buy the Cors...... COOLER MASTER model haha! But yea, I can advise you to check some reviews for sure, some unboxings, some written reviews and make your decission based on that. Ofcourse we feel confident about our Pro S series of boards, they pack a great set of features. Out of the box on-the-fly adjustments, standard bottomrow keycaps if you ever want to go into custom caps, removable cable for transportation and so on!
  8. Which models do you have exactly? MasterKeys (non Pro) are with PBT keycaps but without backlight, the Pro versions with white and rgb backlight are ALL ABS keycaps. It can be different as it might be different batches, but they are for sure ABS
  9. It is because of production and layouts. We simply cannot commit to offer for all layout all the available switches so choices had/have to be made.. carries more switches and more layouts usually, but for the MasterKeys series (PBT) mostly ANSI though
  10. Hi there, There are some you can download by the following link: As for more profiles no, you are limited to the 4 you can set by hardware or by software.
  11. Can you please provide a picture for us to better judge it?
  12. Any NVIDIA fanboys out there with a Sentinel 3? If so feel free to download the profile attached to this post and deck your Sentinel 3 out in NVIDIA green and with NVDIA logo! NVIDIA PROFILE SENTINEL 3.pfcm
  13. Hi Jason, We checked arround the office in EU but we cannot find any old Trigger or materials laying arround. Since you sent USA CMSTORE link can I assume you are located in the US? I can also shoot them a mail to see if they have something?! Regards, Bram
  14. Hi there, I actually do... The wristrest will be available on the already by the end of this week and I expect it to be available in local Italian resellers in this month somewhere.. For the Acrilic top cover you are linking towards this will be likely in March, but cmstore exclusive. It will not be sold by resellers in Italy. For which keyboard would you be interested in such?
  15. What you could try is to verify if the keyboard works on a different computer? To verify if it is a DOA keyboard or any other issue going on?!
  16. Are you in FN lock mode perhaps? Try pressing the FN key for about 5 seconds and see if the LED turns on/off and if that fixes the issue for you
  17. Hi Sunbhie, Sorry to hear you dont like the Xornet 2 . If you find that mouse buttons are squeeky you can apply it for RMA at the point of purchase. As for the mouse encoder this was a choise we made, scrolling presses are a bit harder but also the scrolling itself is more noticable which we read from countless feedback on the previous versions it was not. If the mouse already broke down for sure, please apply it for RMA at the store where you bought it. Regards, Bram
  18. Hi Ricardo, Crazy busy times here, sorry for the late reply. But like Pim mentioned it are just minor fixes to make it compatible and run smoothly with the new Portal. And to answer the other part of the question; no we dont have any changelogs, im sorry Regards, Bram
  19. I see you are located in UK but you are requesting US layout? Which specific model (L or S) are you looking for in MX Blue's? As for UK (and EU in general) the red switch should be available here and there.. MX Blue's is more difficult you might need to get from our US colleagues as so far we are not planning to introduce into the UK. Can you please clarify on this error you are noticing? Only in Dirt Rally game and with the backlight on Red you are facing the issue of non detecting presses?
  20. You can open a ticket with our support team here: They can guide you to where to apply for an RMA, this is the store where you have purchaced your product.
  21. You can connect/split from the controller to more fans and/or LEDs, altho I am not sure of the max number..
  22. Hi there, I believe a ODD drive shouldnt be spinning as long as you are not executing any reads from there, so are you sure it is from the ODD that is causing a vibration?
  23. Survey Closed & topic closed!!
  24. Depends on where you are located and where you bought it.. Please contact our support department and or return it to the point of purchase for replacement, thanks