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  1. Thanx for reply. I should have been more clear. The temps are 'ok" (40c idle and 70c heavy load Oc'd to 670 core I forget what mem is right now) I know I can get a better Oc out of these cards. I had the both in another machine and had them up to 710mhz core. I am just wondering if maybe I can get that back with the Aquagate. They're in a TT Xaser V http://www.sk.co.yu/2005/08/sktd14d.velika.jpg right now, and do have some decent cross flow with a 92mm @72 cfm blowing right across them. Just tryin' to squeeze more out of them w/ going with a full water setup.
  2. I have 2 7900 GTXs, SLI and am having a bit of trouble keeping them cool. Does any 1 know if the AQUAGATE Duo Viva is compatible and/ or would be a good choice for these cards? I have Zalman VF900s on them now but there is such limited airflow between the 2 cards the top one really heats up and the other one isn't much better w/ a sound card below it.