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  1. bmwr606

    [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

    i did a chat with CM support and they said inlet/outlet should be down, so that is what i did
  2. bmwr606

    How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    my new build, haf xm case: 4 200mm fans, 2 in, 2 out 2 140mm fans, push/pull on nepton 140xl radiator, exhaust from case 1 gpu fan 1 psu fan
  3. bmwr606

    [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

    hello question on orientation of the inlets/outlets of the pump and radiator in the case does it matter? should the inlets/outlets be up or down or horizontal? i have an asus z87-pro motherboard and CM HAF XM mid tower case thanks scott edit: i have the nepton 140xl cooler