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  1. Yep - my point exactly. I've never had a fan with that kind of connector so think rather than fiddle about with it since it's obviously not right, I'll just go invest in another fan wtih the right connector - but thanks to ALL of you for your input - you've helped me tons & saved me a lot of hassle & time wasting etc. THANK YOU!!
  2. Ok - these are the various connectors I'm dealing with. The one in question is the Front Fan connector which is the bottom image. The other 2 are the only other connectors I can connect it to, but it won't obviously connect to either because it's the same type rather than being with pins. I'm also clueless as to what the little 6 pin connector is on the Case connectors image? Obviously a power connector but a new one on me. This is my 2nd case and motherboard so not entirely a novice but this has flummoxed me (honestly not too difficult just now LOL - I'm female for starters, & high on pain meds as well - not a great mix at times ) As ever, appreciate your input & patience!
  3. Ahh = thanks so much for that - the type I'm working with currently are all the 2 pin (which I would have called 4 pin) Molex only where that one in the diagram has pins, mine (for some odd reason) has holes . Hence currently I can't find a way to connect it - got what I thought was a converter but turned out to be just an extension which left me no better off. If I get a chance tomorow I'll take a pic so you can it for what it is - maybe make things clearer. Thanks again.
  4. Forgive my denseness but I can't figure out where a 3-pin connector would attach to (perhaps because I'm only familiar with the 4 pin variety) Could you also confirm if the 4 pin variety only come in one type - what's throwing me at the moment with this fan, is that it has a 4-pin connector that's the same as those available on the power leads i.e. both have holes rather than one having pins. Currently I've used 5 power connectors (3 drives & 2 fans) and there are another 2 power connectors with holes available. Don't know if any of that makes sense but at any rate, if i could figure where the 3-pin connector attaches then I could buy a fan with that type instead. Thanks for your input & patience.
  5. My apologies - mustn't have ticked for the Forum to email me with replies so thought nobody had answered my query until I checked just now . But YES - thanks SO much for your answers - I did actually manage it in the end but given my arthritic hands, had to get my brother to help . Took him a whilie to figure out how they were held but once we did it was rather obvious . Now I've another query - this time relating to fans. The case only came with one fan at the rear, so I installed one I'd bought off Ebay a while back (for my other case) which I thought had a Molex connector - however, try as I might it won't connect to a Molex power lead primarily because it's also got holes rather than pins. In looking on Ebay at specific Coolermaster fans many appear to have totally different connectors (with 6 pins in 2 layers of 3 I think). Could you possibly outline some likely types of connector and what they're supposed to fit to? Thanks again for your patience. DD
  6. Hi guys New to CM & also forum (& a female to boot) so hope you'll have patience wtih me in asking what I know is a bit of a silly Q. I've just invested in an Elite 334u case. See the front panels that you have to knock out to allow for your CD Drive/s - do those have to be fully broken out or is there a way to do it more gently that won't destroy them or the case? I'm talking about the black mesh ones. I've no problem with the internal metal blanking plates - it's just these fancy front panels I'm unsure how to remove. I should perhaps also say that I'm disabled & have rather dire hand arthritis so not much strength if such is likely to be needed as my attempts at "popping" them out/off thus far haven't net me much gain . Thanks. DD