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  1. Glowing Miami! Profile file attached, enjoy! ; ) Glowing Miami.Prf
  2. The current firmware doesn't allow changing the color of the F4 key in a custom profile, neither can you have the F4 key light on without having the windows lock enabled. We will look into these suggestions during upcoming updates!
  3. What kind of clay did you use for this build?
  4. Nice job! I also really like the video. Keep up the awesome work!
  5. This build is awesome! I'll make sure to share this on our social media channels!
  6. Hi Ryun, We don't have any updates at the moment. We will let you know as soon as we have news.
  7. CM Glenn


    Gamespot published a sweet list containing all PC games featured at E3 2014 I am really looking forward exploring every inch of Far Cry 4 and The Witcher 3. And I can't wait to start creating my own levels in Hotline Miami 2. If only they would let me create my own soundtrack as well
  8. CM Glenn

    Intake Fans

    Haha, knowledge is power! Just keep browsing through our forum to continue to learn something new every day, and perhaps one day you will blow our minds with an awesome case mod down at the mod lounge ; )
  9. Hi Likehell, Welcome to the forum. The LEDS you are looking for have 5v and you can buy them at
  10. Hi Aeropostle, Welcome to the forum. We recommend using the normal pump speed. Could you let us know if this solved your question?
  11. Thanks for sharing mohdnoh, those are looking great!
  12. Hi Endfm, Have you been able to return it to the store? Cheers
  13. And we love you are loving it!
  14. Hi Bharatwd, welcome to the forum. It depends on the rest of your system configuration. You can calculate it at If you need any more help, please let us know.
  15. Wow Deblow.. that build looks really amazing! If you'd like we could share your facebook page on our social media?