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  1. Mr Footman; > Let me know what you are trying to cool and your reasons for cooling and I will help you choose decent >components. I am planning my HEDT build well in advance. I do a fair amount of video encoding using "Handbrake" which multithreads very well. Handbrake can peg all the CPUs at 100% for hours on end, I do game and do other office work but by far the most demanding task for the PC will be the encoding. In July when Intel comes out with the 8 core 16 thread Haswell-E CPU (140w) I will purchase one along with a ASUS x99 chipset motherboard. Good Friday, on 4/18/14, I ordered my first system component, a brand new Cosmos II case from Newegg. I have done a little water cooling 5 years ago. In my opinion a $1000 140w CPU at full throttle over night deserves a reliable water cooling solution. Closed loop water cooling systems under serious consideration would include: 1) Corsair H110 2) CoolMaster Nepton 280L 3) CoolMaster Glacer 240L 4) ThermalTake Water 3.0 Extreme 5) CoolMaster Glacier 360L 6) Enermax Liqtech 240 At this time I only intend to water cool the CPU and the preferred radiator location would be in the "roof" of the Cosmos II case. I sometimes over clock, moderately. I could have steady 200W of heat I need to dump. I don't know anything about the MB selection yet, and I wonder which CoolMaster systems are made to "drop in" the Cosmos II case. In doing my research I did come across this quote, and I'd like your reaction to it. (bad grammar and bad spelling aside) "I would go with the Glacer 240L. The Nepton seems pretty comparable temperature wise and it is not expandable. At full speed it's about as loud as the H100i too. I don't know about you, but that's wayyyyyyy too loud for me. I don't think there really is any benefit to the Nepton over the Glacer. The Glacer is much quieter, cools the same, costs the same, and is expandable to include another waterblock and radiator." I will have eight (4TB) WD green drives to back up the NAS in the Cosmos II case, they don't work too hard or get too warm, and a single air cooled Nvidia GTX 680 which has a reasonably easy life. In theory I could see SLI even with water cooling but so far what I have works very well. If I am gaming I am not encoding, and when I am encoding I am not gaming. In theory the more water in a closed loop system the longer the times it takes a given quantity of heat to raise the water temps. The more radiator surface the greater capacity to extract heat. I can run Handbrake for 8-12 hours at a time (over night) so an over-cooled system (as in excess cooling capacity) actually is very desirable. The Corsair H110 and Nepton 280 sport 140mm fans and so does the Cosmos II case has that width to fill, but I realize often things are never as simple as that so if you have done a lot of this I would value your advise. Thank You Timothy Wright