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  1. I have just installed a Gigabyte Z87X-UD5H motherboard in a HAF X case. I installed all the cables except one. I have been trying to find out what the cable is for, what it does and so where it is supposed to be plugged in. The cable in question is a black and redtwisted pair, shorter than all the other cables. The cable ends in a pin at the end of each, the balck and red cable. There is also a white guiding plastic connector beside the pins. What this cable is for is, unlike the other cables in the case, not mentioned in the manual. I have a second question. Situation - The manual mentions the cables and where to plug them in, on the motherboard, stating that certain colours should be on the positive connector. The problem is that all the cables have different colours to the ones mentioned in the manual. The only way I can tell where they belong is by the fact that the connector on the end hs marked, ie, USB, Audio, etc. However I don't know which side of the connector is the positive (+) one. I did notice that the connector had a small arrow on one end. Question - Does this arrow indicate the poistive? As I have 3 more PC's to install, I would like to have an answer, before I plug the wrong side of the cable in or just leave a cable hanging. Thanks