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  1. Yes, looks like the R9 290 has some white oxidation spots on it's pcb and some green around the screwholes. The Eisberg (on 7V) unit is self was a quite good/silent cpu cooler idle temps with the 3960X were around 28-32 degrees celsius. Too bad my unit went broke. neverXmiss, I'm still not able to send you a PB due to your full inbox. I've send a mail to the yahoo adres.
  2. Hello neverXmiss, seems that your inbox in full. I ain't able to send you the message.
  3. Hi all, Last Thursday (April 3rd) my rig wouldn't turn on anymore, I suspected the psu. Before I would go out and buy a V850 I wanted to make sure it’s the psu, by removing it from my 900d and install it into a friends rig. In order to disconnect the four and eight-pin motherboard connector, I had to remove the Eisberg 240l. What I found out was a bit shocking.. The Ramapage IV is dead/won't go on, the 3960X has yet to be tested, because I don't have another 2011 board laying around. The Eisberg 240l unit was unaltered/stock, the panning was 'to go custom loop' this week and sell the Eisberg. (I've sent an email (April 4th) regarding the problem to cooler master, yet no response R9 290 In this review, leaking seals are mentioned: