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  1. Does room temperature can effect the performance cooling of nepton 280 L? I'm from the Philippines and my stable temperature on my cpu is 44-47 degrees celsius, given that nowadays the normal temperature in the Philippines reaches 34 degree celsius, Opinions are very much welcome
  2. hmmm, i just bought megaflow 200mm with led, it would be only go to waste if i do that
  3. what should be the right temperature of your computer when you have Nepton 280l?( not overclocked)
  4. I hope i can get some help with this, thanks
  5. So I've got a problem here about nepton 280 L Last December 2013, I just bought my new casing (coolermaster HAF Xm).. because I wanna rig my Desktop, I trusted cooler master to provide the best cooling devices for my desktop. so last february 2014 I bought nepton 280 L, before i buy nepton 280 L, I researched a lot if it will fit on HAF Xm, and yes according to reviews. Here's the problem, because i want to preserve my i7 LG 1366 socket which is compatible with Nepton 280 L it won't fit on my casing HAF Xm which is to be mounted at the top, it keeps on hitting the fan to the coil if i will mount it correctly. secondly according to the box, if i7 reaches 100% load it will only have a temperature of 46* celsius but why is it that my processor's load is only 3 - 10 % reaches the temp of 46 deg celsius? and thirdly I'm from philippines and i bought the water cooling from Singapore? could someone help me, how can I resolve this issues, Thanks