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  1. Hi Billm. Sorry I didn't see this sooner. The best answer is to use PWM (4 pins) fans and I would recommend what I'm using in my HAF Stacker system, Enermax 120mm. The PWM fans will run off of a Silverstone fan splitter. A power line runs from the splitter to your PSU (12v). Then the other line out of the splitter goes to the CPU fan plug on the motherboard. This way, when the system needs to cool itself, it runs the fans and will even run them at an RPM that it deems is fit. My system is using this (I have my Silverstone plugged into an optional CPU plug on my Asus Rampage IV Black motherboard) and is cooling my radiators in my 915R (240mm) and 915F (360mm) case. Works flawlessly. I know this is years after the fact, but you know how us modders are and always tinkering with our systems. Hope this helps. Great case, just fails when you want to hide your wires or send wires between cases.
  2. Are you still locking for the 3.5" hard drive storage caddies that fit in the 915R/F cases? Let me know for I had two and maybe 3.
  3. Are you looking for the drive caddies (3.5)? I have 2 that are begging for a home. Let me know. If you want them, say $20..0 plus what it will cost to get to you by UPS. Take care, The Phoneix.....
  4. Can some one please verify this before I go insane. I have two Cooler Master v1200 PSU. I'm building a new system utilizing the HAF Stacker 935 case with both of the 915 cases. The problem started with the power cable being to short to reach from the 915R PSU reaching the connection socket on my Asus Rampage IV Black motherboard. So I started building a new cable from scratch. I lost my diagram of the pin layout (I know, that was dumb), thus me buying a second v1200 PSU (which I will use on another aging system). I even bought a power cable off of the shelf at New Egg. But the pin assignments were not the same between all three cables! I understand that if pin 1 on the 24 pin connector for one cable which is +3.3V must go to another pin, pin 9 (also +3.3V) on the 18 pin connector. But then I notice that the second v1200 has a pin (which is +5V) that goes from pin 6 on the 24 pin connector to pin 10 on the 18 pin connector. But the first power cable has the same +5V going from pin 6 on the 24 pin connector to pin 2 on the 18 pin connector! Sorry for the confusion. I believe though that as long as the pin from one connector to another connector is fine no matter where it is located in the connector block as long as it has the same parities (+5V to +5V, COMM to COMM, etc...) are the same on both connectors. Could someone just verify this for me? For the life of me, I can't understand why Cooler Master made their PSU with their PSU power cables that have pin assignment that are different.
  5. Hi Jovaniis. This probably won't help you, but the HAF Stacker 935 has similar cut out in the top panel for 120mm fans but there are four more holes branching out that allow you to install 140mm fans. The system I'm building is the 915F/915R/935 HAF Stacker with an i7 (4930k) processor on the Asus Rampage IV Black Edition motherboard. I have mounted the Kraken x61 140mm fanned water cooler in the 915F case, it fits perfectly. I'm also using two more 140mm fans on it utilizing the push pull air system on the cooler. I hope this helps. Take care, Glenn.....
  6. Hi everyone. I've been building a new 915F/915R/935 HAF Stacker system with an Intel i7 (4930K) on the Asus Rampage IV Black edition motherboard. My problem has been try to find modding parts, Anodized bolts & nuts, connectors, wire shielding etc. I found these two companies and I just wanted to pass them onto the community: is located in Florida and ships products out by all companies at a very very reasonable price. They are extremely helpful to any questions you might have. The other company is where they are located just above me in New York. Both companies are fantastic and their prices are about equal to each other. Anyway, hope this helps you and give them a look!!!!
  7. Don't know if they can help, but look at a site called which is located down in Florida. If they don't have something, they might be able to help you find it somewhere else. Best modding site that I have found. It along with FrozenCPU are about the only games in town. Hope this helps. All the best Glenn......
  8. Hi Joseph. Just saw your question and I noticed that a company down in Florida, has allot of products, especially plastic side panel replacements for the 932 and 935. Maybe they have something you can use. Good luck, Glenn
  9. Alright, you're probably stating what an idiot, but here's where I need some help. Building a system (Cooler Master Stacker with an Intel i7) and building custom cables. The PSU is Cooler Master Silent Pro 1200 and I know where Pin 1 is on the SATA Power cable that plugs into the PSU. If one is to look at the cable end that plugs into the hard drive where it looks like a letter L on it's side, is pin 1 one the end at the narrowest point (at the top of the L also where there's a square bulge on the end of the connector) and end or is at the end where the elbow of the letter L is. If you look up SATA Power cables on the web, half state one way and half the other. I know the Pin 3 and Pin 4 at reversed. To me, it looks like Pin 1 is at the top of the L, then pin 2, the Pin 4, then Pin 3 and last pin 5 at the bottom of the L. Hope the picture may help. It's the way that I believe it should be setup but don't want to fry something. Thanks for your help....
  10. I've bought this case along with 915R and 915F. The 935 holds the Intel 4930K cpu; Asus Rampage IV Black mobo; 64gb Kingston HyperBeast; Asus R9 280X Matrix (x2 Crossfired GPU); OCZ 256gb SSD (O.S.); WD VelociRaptor 500gb (Steam games); WD Green 1tb (x2 RAID 0-Other Games); WD Blue 1tb (x2 RAID 0 Backup); WD Blue 500gb (x2-Applications); and the rest of the normal parts (DVD/CD-ROM burner, etc.. The 915F (on top) holds the NZXT Kraken x60 cooler and the 915R holds the 6 HDD's and the Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200watt PSU. This beast is tall! I mean nearly 42" tall. I bought this case for several reasons: will hold all upgrades for the future; capable to hold up to 27 HDD's and I've bought several HAF cases in the past. Here's a list of some of the problems you'll encounter: a) No matter where you put the PSU, the cables will be an issue! Placement of thru holes to run cables are poorly organized. I had to drill some of mine c) If you want to build it properly by modules, you'll have alot of work to do. I've been working on mine for nearly three weeks (sorry, I'm anal about what I want) d) There is no modding source thru CM to get custom parts you'll need Sorry this turned into a book, hope these issues might hel you. This case will last you for the future. I'm building mine for at least three years. Take care, I'll watch your site, drop me a line if you have any questions. Cheers, Glenn.....
  11. The Phoneix


    Sorry, I'm using the NZXT Kraken x60 water cooler and bought the two extra 140mm fans. So the radiator has two pushing and two pulling the air through the radiator. There's also a 92mm fan in the front of the 915R to pull air out. Take care, all the best Glenn...
  12. The Phoneix


    Hi Wreck. Evem though I'm putting the NZXT Water Cooler into my system, I have seven fans installed into the cases. The 915R has a 120mm Enermax on the side cooling the six hard drives and a 92mm pulling the air out. In the 935, there's a 120 Enermax on the front cooling the WD VelociRaptor and Toshibas SSD, two Enermax 120mm and a 140mm surrounding the CPU area. There's one 120mm pulling air out of the 915F. I picked Enermax ( for its' low dba, 8-12dba. I had a local computer company put the main guts together for me due to the cost of the parts, didn't want to screw it up. I could hardly hear it running! Strongly suggest you look at them for they are very reasonably priced. Look on Amazon. I'll try and get some pics up ASAP. Take good care, great work....
  13. What case is this? Also, what is the EVGA over the CPU? Is that water cooled or air? I'm building an i7 4830x on an Asus Black mobo and two R9 280x GPU's, very similar to yours, but I'm using the HAF Stacker 935 with the 915F/R. Hope to hear back from you, excellent build. Did you also do the braiding yourself? Thanks...
  14. Sweet build, love the lighting effect! I'm building a system right now with the CM 935 and both 915F/R, will post pictures as soon as I can. I love the HAF cases for they give you the absolute best air flow and if you bury the wires like you did, the system gets the best flow. Where did you go (web site?) to get the cooling products? My top unit, the 915F will hold the NZXT Kraken x60 with both push and pull fans. It's cooling the Intel i7 4830x on an ASUS Rampage IV Black mobo. There's 64gb of Kingston HyperBeast 2400mhz memory. Two Asus R9 x280 GPU, six hard drives for a total of 5tb (RAID 0) are in the lower 915R case. There's one WD VelociRaptor 500gb for Steam games, Toshiba 256gb SSD for Windows 7 64 bit Professional OS in the main case. All wires are braided with six fans controlled by Gelid fan/temp controller. I had a local company build just the main system (SSD, DVD, CPU, etc.) for I didn't want to screw up firing up a $450 mobo with the i7 and memory. On a bench test, it's getting max 158 top, bottom 32 and normal 78 FPS. So, I'm taking my time to install all the rest and make it as cooled and maxed air flowed as possible. Sorry to boast. I'm 62 retired and on disability. This will be my system for the next 5 years. So go ahead 2k games (BioShock, excellent!) and Dice (BF4), I think I'm ready for you. I'm also telling you this for your case looks like something I would do, again, fantastic job. Take care, Glenn (aka: The Phoneix or Grumpy Bear)
  15. The Phoneix


    Morning Wreck! Nice case. I'm new to this forum but I'm building a Cooler Master HAf 935 WITH BOTH 915F/R modules, will post pictures as soon as I can. Why I'm writing to you is the ingenious place where you placed the hard drives! Can you tell me what case you are using? Very clean case looks like you have great air flow. Hope you get this and I hear all the best to you. Phoneix....