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  1. Thanks CM Jerry! I have not run the system much yet because I was unsure of the pump rpm, I have since switched the pump connector back to CPU1 and it is running at 6800rpm and I will leave it there. "The real RPM should be 2266 RPM instead of 6800 RPM." So this means that the pump is actually running at 2266 Rpm and that the mother board is reporting the rpm incorrectly due to design? Thanks again for the help
  2. Hi Guys/Girls, I recently purchased a Nepton 280L cooler to replace my H80 that was not getting it done anymore. I had no problems with install and temps seem ok. My concern is the water pump RPM, hooked up to CPU1 or CPU2 fan header it runs at full rpm 6800. This seems really high, I submitted a ticket with coolermaster to see what is the proper rpm. I currently have the pump connector connected to a SYS1 fan header and can control the rpm to around 4500. I do not want to under or over drive the pump. The motherboard is a MSI Gaming Z87-G45 with a i7-4770k. Thanks Everyone! Lance