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  1. If it doesn't fit I'm open to donations
  2. After some more thinking it is basically 2 780 Ti in sli. Also the card will only handle 2 way sli. So 4 780 Ti = 2 way sli Titan Z and 4 780 Ti costs about $2800
  3. I just thought about this will it be functional for directx 12? nvidia will probably release a new card when directx 12 comes out. Probably call it Titan Z12. Difference will be only watercooled and dx12 support. Don't buy this. When the dx12 card comes out it will probably be cheaper and you will have wasted $3000. Just so you can buy the dx12 card.
  4. I was just happily searching my way through random nvidia card reviews when i came across this From what I have seen here is my thoughts Pros: 12 GB Memory Dual GPU 5760 Cuda Cores Can run multiple 4K Monitors Should be able to run 5K (We just got 4K and they are talking about 5K I don't believe it) Low power consumption Cons: $3000 Cooling may not be sufficient (1 fan?) What do you think about this? Will you get one?
  5. Didn't get to buy it. Parents complained about being tired. Had to redo some of it. Looked at some opinions. Should i trust the coolermaster outervision for minimum power? New link
  6. I could see Sony making a new PS4 model selling it for $500-$550 and selling the vr headsets alone for $200-$250. Call the new model PS4VR or something like that.
  7. In my build i am using the CM storm devastator. Only issue was it was hard to find in stock. I would like to more $30-$40 keyboard and mouse combos for a low cost. Maybe a laser mouse on one. I don't know if something else cheap, but decent keyboard and mouse combo could exist. I have no idea how much things like this cost. The main thing I looked for in my build on a keyboard was cheap, good ratings, looks decent, and backlit. All the other options were around $25. That plus a nice mouse can be up to $45.
  8. I should be ordering this in about an hour or 2 hours once my mom gets back from airport
  9. Im not going to do any extreme overclocking just little bits here and there
  10. Changed motherboard now have sata 6/GBs
  11. I talked to my dad a bit he told me to do all the mail in rebates so i kept the fx 8320 and got a 535W psu and the cm storm devestator is back in stock for $30 I will probably order later today $25 off with promo codes ends tomorrow
  12. Been looking at parts should I get a fx 6300 $30 less only 6 core. Or will it bottleneck the gtx 660
  13. Also I don't have any other keyboard and mice in mind. Want a backlit keyboard current one isn't at night can't see keys without light on
  14. I haven't been a huge fan of rebates. You just get a check. I'm only 13. Don't have a bank account. On Pc part picker it says the system only needs 365W wouldn't a 430W power supply he good enough for overclocking? I updated the list for the MSi card seems to have better features here's new link
  15. Hi, I am making a $650 budget computer I *need* advice on parts. I'm afraid that this won't be a good build. The only things i need are on the list. Please give advice. List - I am planning to overclock the cpu to about 4 Ghz If anyone knows a decent mouse and keyboard for $30 could you tell me. I haven't been about to find the cm storm devastator in stock