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    i have Corsair SP120 for static pressure. but i think that i will need some quiet ones. i will def. look at enermax. thank you. will post some more pictures soon. i done a plastidip job on my GPU also. thnx for liking my setup!
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    Hi Phoneix. tnx for the comment. the case is Corsair Air540. I love the case, the power supply and ssd's are mounted on the other half of the case. still i need to change few stock fans to get quiter case and try to put push/pull on cpu cooler radiator. the case looks awsome in dark wher leds are on. have to post a pic soon.
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    i allready contacted eRMA here is the pic. ty
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    hello...i recanlty bought 280L and it's very nice and i like it. but last night when i install it one of my screws that secure the pump broke. i think i overthighten it. can someone help me with the fastest way of geting replacment parts or buying something to fix it. the rest of the screws hold the pump thigh but i don't want to leave it on 3 screws