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  1. CM_Noobie

    200mm fans included in CM cases

    I think this links just justifies all that they are not really the MegaFlow
  2. CM_Noobie

    200mm fans included in CM cases

    Yeah that's where I get confused cause it looks like the Megaflow and some says it doesn't perform the same. And also in the website it also doesn't say that it's a megaflow or a stock fan only. They should at least indicated it or something, somehow.
  3. CM_Noobie

    200mm fans included in CM cases

    Thanks for the response. Yeah I heard of that too. But really wanted to here directly from coolermaster about this. I will wait for them to respond to this thread. But other thought will also be accepted if you ca share something related to this matter. Also read a lot about the included 200mm fans are louder than megaflow, so I really need to confirm this so that I can decided to buy a true megaflow or use the included. Never had megaflow yet.
  4. CM_Noobie

    200mm fans included in CM cases

    Anyone? Just want to make sure if they are the real megaflow cause I read a lot of complains about them in some other sites.
  5. CM_Noobie

    200mm fans included in CM cases

    Hi all, I'm just wodering if the 200mm fans that are included in some cases like in the CM 690 III is a megaflow. They have the same look with the megaflow, cause I'm looking for a 200mm fans and having an eye with megaflow. A friend of mine said he has a 200mm that comes from a case and said it'sa megaflow, and he wanted to trade it for a 2 120mm sickle flows, which I have. Just wanted to know if it's a megaflow before doing the trade, cause I'm looking for a quite 200mm fan and megaflow seems a good fit. Hope someone can shed a light about this matter. I'm still new to this forum but been a cooler master fan for a long time. Don't know where to exactly put this topic but just move it if it needs to be.