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    I played a few rounds of Battlefield: Hardline last night. you can definitely tell it is beta. I enjoyed the gameplay for the most part, but it did feel clunky. The vehicles seemed more difficult to drive than those in BF3 or 4. I kinda liked the earning money to buy your guns and accessories.
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    Battlefield: Hardline. I got in for the Beta, just finished downloading
  3. If you look at the spec sheet and install manual, it has supplied mounting plates that mount through the motherboard and puts the weight being supported by the mobo and not the socket. I have had one that was bigger than this and stood out further, I had the same concern, but it was fine.
  4. I saw this this morning on the ASUS FB page.
  5. In my experience, anything more than a small pea sized spot right in the center is too much. it will spread on its own when you put the heatsink down and secure it.
  6. I finally got my advance replacement board yesterday, I take apart the computer and install it... No boot. I am now getting a CPU FAN error. They are trying to blame my Seidon, but just 2 hours before, my computer was up and running and the Seidon was just fine. I did try plugging the stock cooler in just in case and it does not work either. Now they want me to send both boards back and I will have no computer for 2-6 weeks while they either repair mine or find me a replacement. I am not happy with ASUS right now. UPDATE: Several more calls to ASUS and I am told my only option is to send both boards back and wait for a replacement. This was after the blamed my case, then my PSU. Any suggestions for a good motherboard that is not ASUS?
  7. If you just got it last week, you should be able to return it to the store you purchases it from depending on their policy. Where I live in the US, the local store gives you 2 weeks on most components. In my experience, this is faster than returning it with the manufacturer. If you wish to continue with a RMA, here is the support request form.
  8. I have the cooler but not that case, but from the specs I found on the case it should be able to accept it where the top case fans are. Be careful when installing as the screws that go into the radiator can be stripped easily if you over tighten.
  9. The only thing I could find as a possible ID for the cable is for case intrusion. But yes a pic of it would help with identifying the cable. The last couple computers I built had the audio and usb as a solid block so there was no chance of getting wires reversed
  10. The article you linked is looking at only full tower cases, do you need a case that big? with the parts you listed, you may not. The poster didn't state what kind of liquid cooling system he was using or wanting to use but many newer mid-tower cases have room for a 240mm radiator like the Seidon 240M, some can even go up to a 280mm radiator. Both are great cases, I think it comes down to your needs and space where you will put the computer. The Cosmos cases are big, very big. I built a system for my uncle with the Cosmos case and it was incredible. That case made his beastly build much easier with the cable management and the big heavy duty rails. I loved that case, but holy cow was it big. I later built a gaming system for a friend with the HAF case, it also had great cable management and was a dream to build. The HAF series offers models that are not quite as tall as the Cosmos, so if space is a concern you might look at some of those and the features they offer. I don't think you can go wrong with either case series, look at the features the case offers, the styling and size and figure out which is going to be best for you.
  11. OK, some newer higher-end PSUs are now starting to have a top fan instead of bottom or can be flipped. So your PSU will be exhausting warm air from within the case then. I am confused about your radiator setup, in the first description you said it was an exhaust pushing air through the radiator, now it is pulling through as an intake? It should be set up to get the hot air out of the system quickly. It doesn't matter if it pulls it or pushes across, you don't want to heat up the air you bring into the case. PCI slot fans mount in an open PCI case slot and provide extra air movement, usually configured to pull the warm air from within the case and exhaust it out the rear.
  12. The PSU mounted on the bottom doesn't count towards your exhaust as it will pull in fresh air from outside via the bottom of your case, then the air blows directly out the back. This air is not put into the case and does not pull air from within the case and push it out. The GPU is going to exhaust a minimal amount of the air being brought in, I would worry most about having stagnant warm air sitting in the case. Your system is cooled better by air movement, not pressure. The cooler you can keep the ambient air in the case, the cooler you computer will run. If you are pulling in more air than you are exhausting, the air will become warm and then you will be blowing warm air across your Seidon and GPU cooler and not bringing down their temps as much. Without moving/changing any of the fans, I might add a PCI slot fan.
  13. Yea your PSU is huge, I wouldn't worry about it. That fan is probably one of the least productive ones. What fan configuration are you running?
  14. I am aware of what I posted, my point was that with as low profile as that cooler is, how close the RAM slots are to the CPU and the height of the RAM, I dont think it will work. I am pretty sure you would have clearance on slot 4 but I am doubtful on slot 2.
  15. In the pictures and specs I found it looks like the RAM slots on your Gigabyte 990fxa are too close to allow use of the Vengeance RAM and the Geminii II M4. Here is one pic I found with is installed and it does not have much clearance above the RAM to allow for the extended heat spreaders. The pic is not on your motherboard but your ram slots are fairly close to the CPU socket as well.
  16. I went looking for better pics and I found that the pic Knud posted is the correct one for the CM 690 III, the one I found that shows the grate all the way across the bottom is for the CM 690 II. Are you able to post a pic of where your PSU comes to and we can see the mounting for the fans?
  17. I have the following fans 2 in the front (Intake) 2 on the side panel (Intake) 1 on the rear (Exhaust) 2 on top blowing across my Seidon 240M(Exhaust)
  18. From the pictures I found online, you should be able to remove the bottom HDD cage and fit up to a 240mm radiator and a standard PSU. Without the radiator you could just put a fan in the front. IMO, I wouldn't bother with the bottom fan.
  19. The specs for the case say it is set up for a standard ATX PSU. It looks like the Seasonic 1000w PSU is about an inch longer than most PSUs, this is going to interfere with the fan placement. Depending on how many HDDs you have, you could remove the lower half of the HDD cage and install your bottom fan more towards the front.
  20. Looking at it now, it does look that way but when I was at the computer store, it was either the Seidon 240M or a Corsair h80i. The box for the 240M said it was "Designed for handling high wattage overclocked CPU" after bumping up my wattage a bit and pushing the OC on my CPU, my temps started going into an unsafe range. I talked to someone in CM support and he said that with an 8-core CPU, I should have gotten the Nepton 280L. Back on the OPs topic. It is really impossible to say exactly what your temp should be as there are so many factors that impact your temperature, such as: CPU - brand (AMD or Intel), speed, series Thermal paste - Brand, coverage when applied, too much thermal paste is a bad thing Air flow - how much fresh air do you have coming in and how much is going out. Clean the fan filters if you have them, this will impact your airflow. Also make sure the exhaust vents are not blocked, I was called to look at a friends computer, he said he thought it should be running cooler than it was. The fans looked good, filters were clean but in his desk, it backed up against a piece of wood that completely blocked the airflow from the rear exhaust. Other sources of heat - the biggest is your graphics card, they can generate a lot of heat and that air typically stays in your case. Now your cooler grabs that hot air and pushes it across the radiator. Having good airflow will help with moving this air so that it is not staying hot in the case. Ambient room Temperature - it doesn't matter if you are in the US and use Fahrenheit or anywhere else in the world and use Celsius. If it is 70*F/21*C in your room you are going to be able to keep your temperature lower than if it were 90*F/32*C.
  21. I am no expert and do not represent CM in anyway but from looking at the specs of both the CM i500 and the Thermaltake TR2. This is what I found. When you compare the +12V rails for the 6-pin connectors, Thermaltake says it as one rail at 17A and one at 18A, where the CM PSU says it has a single +12V rail and has 36A available. Your card has an amperage draw of 24A, even though it has the amps and 6-pin connectors available, this CM PSU does not seem to be delivering the required amps across the +12V rail to properly power your card. How old is your CM PSU?
  22. When you take out the 660ti, are you just using on-board video? have you plugged in the power on the video card? it requires both 6-pin connectors to be used
  23. The Titan Z is ridiculous specced but like you said no one is going to buy a $3000 card unless they have money to waste. When I went to get my newest card, the sales guy kept trying to talk me into the Titan and at $1000, there was no way I could justify it. I ended up leaving with a $300 4GB GTX 760. I am quite happy, I upgraded my computer for BF4 and am seeing 85+ FPS on most maps.