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    Well, that didn't work. My 770 GTX sticks out too much and it won't allow me to mount the fans internally, only externally. Looks like i'll have to buy some replacement 120mm PWM fans.
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    http://forum.coolermaster.com/ CM forum i put in the tickets at http://support.coolermaster.com/home the mounting issue is not about the cables. i'll explain (i know it sounds ridiculous, but i dont have *anything* which can take photos, not even my cell). the XB has 2 front mounted fans. these fans are screwed in to the front of the chassis, from the outside. this part of chassis has the 140mm mount holes as well. when mounting the nepton, the rad goes behind this plate - inside the case itself. the fans go on the other side, so, outside the case. the long bolts go through the fans, through the front plate, and inside the rad. the case has a pice of fixed "PCB" which holds the front audio and front USB. this is non-removable. when the case is using 120mm fans, the space between the bottom of the left fan and this PCB is bigger than when using 140mm fans, obviously. However, the front bezel of the case (the plastic front panel) has a piece of plastic which is supposed to slide in between these two. When using a 140mm fan, the gap becomes too small. Even though i can mount the rad + fans, i cannot put back the front panel of the case. As for the fans, if i plug these in a non-PWM header, they will simply spin at maximum speed. Incidentally, the case fans themselves were quite loud. my full system specs: 4670k. i delidded this and replaced the Intel TIM with Coollab Liquid Metal Pro, both on-die and on the cold plate of the nepton. It's a thin film of tim, not a huge glob, and it was applied with the special CLL applicator. MSI Z87 G43 Gaming EVGA 1000W G2 + other parts which dont affect cooling in any way :/
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    Hello guys, first post, i'm afraid i come with a bit of annoyance, as i'm having a few problems .. i'm hopping someone here can give me a heads-up, because i've tried other ways to get support but i haven't managed to get any. Ok, first things first. I have a 280L, and a HAF XB. I've tried putting in tickets regarding my issues with both (yup, both), but it's been a week and i haven't had any answers. Also, i've tried registering on the "main" (US) CM forum, but my account still hasn't been activated yet (2 weeks). Right. The Nepton is listed as compatible with the HAF XB ("compatible:front"), and i did the mount by removing the case fans, installing the rad on the inside, and the fans on the outside, which is fine, however, the fans (being them 140mm and not 120mm, as the case fans are) are *just slightly* too large and prevent the front bezel from being reinstalled. To be more specific, there's the front USB/Audio/Power/etc connector plate on one side, and the fan on that side is too close to it - the plastic guide line of the bezel doesn't fit back in with the 140mm fan, because it needs to slide between this and the edge of the (original)120mm fan. Unfortunately i can't use the case's 120mm fans as they are not PWM. (also, the fans dont really push a lot of air through, as much of it leaks outside the rims - but read below for more) That's issue n1/ Also, i'm having some weird behaviour from the cooler itself. The rig is a 4670k running at 1.050V Vcore Override - stock, basically - and x40 multi. The CPU was delidded, and both on-die and on the plate i'm using Collab Pro (the liquid metal thingie). When i launch an app, say, a game, the fans spin quite loudly, almost immediately, before slowing back down. The cooler gets quite loud during this time. After this, it stays quiet, but the load is strange. I've checked the TIM mount - the print is near-perfect. The fans are now connected to a splitter in CPU_fan1, and before they were in two separate cpu headers, no difference in results. I have NO adaptive voltages in my OC at all, and atm, there are no voltages outside of stock (no VRin, no VCC, etc). This is a very unusual behaviour since the temps never really go above 68c, voltage is fixed at stock (less actually, since Haswell comes with adaptive, mine doesn't), and imho the sheer amount of copper should be enough to soak enough heat for the fanspeed climb to be slower, instead of near immediate. I've run 1.37V off a C2D on a 212+, and it was nowhere near as loud as this guy. Kinda worried i may have to get some new fans. NOTE: the issue is not fan-mount related; i've tried with the rad outside the case as well, even a ghetto top mount (with cable ties, on teh top grill), and i had pretty much identical results. I also originally tried the - pretty much standard - 1.30V VCore@4.5Ghz, but the noise was immediate and extreme. Am i doing something wrong?