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  1. Mike-L

    Glacer 240L review from pureoverclock.com

    Hi Virge, Sorry for the late reply. Forgot to keep track of this posting. Likely you don't need my reply any more, but the answer is to just slowly tighten the srews until they bottom out. Do so in a cross pattern and only take them down a little at a time to keep the pressure even as you bring it down. So you first get all the screws started by just a turn and a half or so. 1 2 3 4 Then you give 1 a turn or two, followed by 4. Then give 2 a turn or two, followed by 3. Repeat until all screws are bottomed out. Don't over tourque them or you could strip the threads. Use a screwdriver that is just large enough for the job and a light touch. The springs are what applies the pressure to keep the water block against the CPU. Hi Jerry, I'll check out the Jetflo series. Thanks. Edit: They must be popular fans. Out of Stock at Newegg. Need to order a couple items already and was going to throw one in the shopping cart just to check them out. Hint. Put a link to your store in the top menu. M
  2. Mike-L

    Cosmos Cruizer - Finally Complete!

    WOW. Where to begin? First thought is about welding aluminum. Brave man! And good job! That case is going to be awesome. Don't get me wrong about this next observation, but it occurred to me as I read through it all that you will have a one-off custom case with about $5K (very rough WAG) of effort/materials into it to hold less than half of that in computer parts. I love it! And here I was being value conscious about getting the Cosmos SE over the Cosmos II. You make me feel cheap.
  3. Mike-L

    So what does good cooling look like?

    Not really a suggestion. I'm good with the chosen name and it did not play any role in my choice of cooling solution. I'm more interested in who makes it, their reputation and what it's made of. I've heard good things about CM and wanted to give the product line a shot. Truly, my comment about the spelling was just a flippant remark aimed more at creating conversation more so than as a critique of the name per se.
  4. Mike-L

    Glacer 240L review from pureoverclock.com

    Hi Thunder Cat, Thanks. I like this new rig a lot and I am recommending the Cosmos cases to my friends. They usually buy on my recommendation. Have used the Noctua fans in the past and just went with what I know. It was not until after I placed the order for them that is occurred to me to check to see what CM has in the way of premium fans. Creature of habit and all that. Tell you what, next time I'm in the market for a fan, I'll go with the best of what CM has to offer. Which would you recommend? When I get one, I'll post an objective review of it here.
  5. Mike-L

    So what does good cooling look like?

    In French perhaps, but not English. I was not considering other languages as this product appears to be marketed and sold mostly in the US. The packaging and manual within was not multilingual.
  6. Mike-L

    So what does good cooling look like?

    Thanks and you're welcome. lol No lab at home, but I like to piddle with the toys at my disposal. As to Glacer being a good name; it seems to work for CM and I'm good with it. I know that a lot of companies like to come up with alternate spellings of common words for the name of new products to present an aura of being unique. I just could not help but wonder about how this particular name came into being.
  7. Interesting question? Or are you wondering what I am getting at? Both? Well, allow me to explain. I'm not referring to the visual aesthetics of a cooling solution. Indeed, we want our rigs to look cool (really, no pun intended. It just came out that way. ). However, more importantly, we want the solution to work effectively. I wanted to know just how well my new 240L Glacer was working. Yes, I can monitor my core temps and see that I am not cooking my processor. But I thought it might be cool (there’s that word again) to see what it looked like. So here is what my CPU cooler and radiator looks like at idle. The above images were captured with a Fluke Ti32. At the time, the comp was just idling along with the CPU Freq bouncing around between 800 - 1200 MHz. Core Temps ranged between 35-37 °C. Ambient was 20 °C. So then I turned on the AIDA64 system stability test for 5 minutes with a modest overclock of 4200 MHz at 1.2v. Core temps ranged between 55-65 °C and bounced around a lot. And here is what things looked like then: CPU Cooler CPU Radiator So what conclusions can we draw from the images? From the images alone? Not a lot. For that we'd need to develop a good baseline of data. Casual observation shows that the Glacer 240L is doing an effective job of keeping my CPU cool under rather demanding conditions. It also shows that the right fan on top of my radiator is not turning as fast as the one on the left. They are plugged into different headers on the MB (been playing around with that). Perhaps I'll do a more methodical test of this some day that I am bored. BTW, is "Glacer" really what CM wanted to call this product? Or did someone miss-spell "Glacier" and it just was not caught until it was too late? Of course, CM will never admit if it is the later.
  8. Mike-L

    Thermal Imagery

    Will show various components using infrared thermal imagery to show characteristics of cooling methods.
  9. Mike-L

    Glacer 240L review from pureoverclock.com

    I recently built my new main gaming box. Intel core i7 4770K on an ASUS ROG Maximus VI MB with a GTX 770 pumping pixels. To keep the CPU cool, I selected the Glacer 240L. It is a very capable water cooling solution. My only complaint is that (as the linked review in the OP states) excessive fan noise when the MB cranks up the fan speed. At slower speeds the included fans are very quiet. However, when things get hot and the MB cranks up the speed, the fans are quite loud. Way too loud. To quite things down, I replaced the stock fans with a couple of Noctua NF-F12 fans. Highly recommended. So here is my new build Notice that I selected the Cooler Master Cosmos SE case. Very nice case. Recommended. I almost went with the Cosmos II and at times wish I had done so, but went with the SE. It is just about as good and costs quite a bit less. No regrets. For my install, I needed to sandwich the top case grill between the radiator and fans. The Glacer 240L comes with the fans assembled to the radiator and there was not enough room in the case for them both to fit due to the ASUS CrossChill heat sink on the MB. Here is a shot from inside the case of the radiator: And the fans on top: I can play demanding games (i.e. Far Cry 3, BF4) at high settings and the CPU temps never go above 49-51 °C. Next up for this system is to go custom a bit by putting an EK block on the GPU. The vid card runs hot. Not at all thrilled with the stock air cooling. This is my first foray into Cooler Master products. Very happy about my choices and will be looking at their products again.