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  1. Just uploaded a vid showing my 2X MECH mods & the Reaper mouse Added some shading to the white MECH plate & Removed the shading from the carbon plate. Unfortunately I get a bit nervous when filming
  2. Got myself a secondhand spare plate for the MECH and decided to spend a bit more time on the design, went with white & black to match the lighting on most my peripherals. 1, how it comes when new. 2, Sanded down. 3, White primer (x3 coats). 4, White base (1 coat) How it looked when painted white and clear coat (without sanding) My 1st design, changed my mind half way though and started again Final design After 6 days drying i sanded the paintwork down ready for sanding and buffing after sanding and buffing, the paint now looks great with a mirror gloss finish couple more pics on my facebook page
  3. Small update, As i broke my CM cup the same day i got it, didn't have chance to take a pic on my T holder Now i have a replacement i'm also starting work on a 2nd & final desk build, so far its still in design stage & im not sure if it will go ahead yet due to circumstances beyond my control But for the time being i will still continue with designs & planing If & when i do start ill do a new build log, until then here's a quick pic of what im thinking about building only the 1st design, so im sure it will change as i progress
  4. OFC mate, take anything you want I have msg most the CM facebook admin, but could have missed a couple
  5. Finally done the live vid, Please let me know what you think on here or YouTube comments, good or bad because i need to learn so i can hopefully improve before any future builds sorry this is the only final info i can post for now, please check my Facebook page for photos i cant post links to on the forum, Thanks Rob
  6. Iv just uploaded a build log slideshow to YouTube, im still working in the live video.
  7. Going to leave this page open for updates, when and if i can get the photos to show again.
  8. Forgot to show my lower shelf's in previous updates so here they are, 4 in total 2 per side, the upper right side holds my Sub & 2nd pc and all the others will hold my consoles. all carpeted with the same type used in cars & car subs (Black) and all with LED lighting controlled independently. "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this community." < started getting this message about a week ago and have no idea what to do to fix it
  9. Thanks JesseP Just working on the YouTube vid, then i will have some time to play games iv been missing out on
  10. I cant post the final photos for some reason All the links say unsupported and cant be used. I have uploaded a YouTube slideshow that has some extra photos at the end, i will post them on the forum as soon as i find a way.
  11. that case looks great, love camo especially white,black & grey
  12. With RGB LED's you can have almost any color you want, its hard to show how it really looks in photos so i have taken 100s of photos lol I wont spam the forums with them all but i will add them to my facebook page and give links in my last post. The RES, Some show the LEDs at low setting and others are at MAX. and some night shots of the desk with the same LED settings, I like the white but as im typing this update its all set to green in this photo you can see the cover i made from fake leather, with all the LEDs off and the cover on the desk is 100% blacked out apart from the power,reset and LED switches
  13. I will be uploading final build pics today, but im going to start with some small displays showing important info. The 1st is my tablet showing all PC info i will ever need i.e Volts,Temp,Usage,RAM and so on and again the same program but with my custom info display, CORE tems for CPU & GPU's And last of all the desk fan controller (only for desk fans not the RADs) the temp are showing desk temps and Room temps only. I don't trust them from reading CPU/GPU temps but work perfect for room temps
  14. Here's a picture of what they looked like at the start apart from the Keyboard that i had already painted when i took this pic The mouse to go with the headset and MECH, only wrapped it in carbon ATM, but will most likely paint it when i get out of hospital I cut the mouse mat down to a size that worked best for me and has the same shape/light as the keyboard & mouse.