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  1. Ordering Cooler Master Online Store

    Hi Pare Ku musta? Please contact Customer service, they will assist you.
  2. Installation Hyper 212x with MasterFans

    Picture below is bracket is from hyper 212X, but the Hyper Evo 212 bracket should work as well For any enquiry or details , Please contact customer services , they will assist you guys . Special Thanks to GCC HQ team because helping provide this picture
  3. Which liquid cooler is best?

    Hi Tom , Im using ML 240 + 4690k + no OC what i can say here is good for my system 25-30c idle load 40-60c + run without noise . Note need run full speed .
  4. rma status

    i will ask someone at HQ .. be right back Updated : you got my PM please check
  5. RGB ML240L

    Hi there can we know what kind motherboard you have? And How you install your cooling?
  6. @CoolerMasterUSA blocking people who complain about H500P

    This is only suggestion . if you found any issue with your chassis or etc the best solution is by contacting them via ticket .
  7. Freezing

    Hi Bonellia , welcome to CM forum . Did you try by FN+E ? Try Hold a few second the FN+E and try update your driver If you still facing same issue please contact customer services , they will help you
  8. Update on Masterbox Q300 series?

  9. Broken Power Button Switch CoolerMaster Haf X

    If you concerned about this please get customer services by request support ticket + you tell them what or which one part you really needed
  10. AM4 Bracket in the US?

    Hi Nicole , Try look this link : Am4 Ryzen Compatability . + try contact customer services by request support ticket , they will help you .
  11. Broken Power Button Switch CoolerMaster Haf X

    Hi Benjamin , Try look this : HAF X for EU and US/CN try check this : PARTS If not in the listed please contact customer by request support ticket .
  12. What games are you playing now?

    Now play World of tanks blitz , worth to try
  13. rma status

    you got my pm
  14. CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Nice man
  15. H500p and c700p release

    Any story about C700P kindly please drop at here : Cosmos C700P
  16. CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Np man and please patient , Customer services will reply your ticket
  17. Socket 1150 issue ?

    Nice , i`m not OC my system but Idle 25-30c loaded at 50-60c but now just play Noob Game well load at 40-49c hehe
  18. Morning Man , Welcome to CM forum Where you from man ? I`m not pretty sure if with FN+E can reset to default ( this is what i`m doing with XTI ) I will ask some one and update to you once i got the reply ( BRB ) Update : talked with CM Staff via email the answer is Yes it is the same. FN + E to reset all to default. XTI and Quick Fire is same way by pressing FN + E to reset all to default Hope this can help
  19. CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Hi Milorad , You have great chassis man , my suggestion try contact customer services , maybe they have some solution for you ? 7 year olds if me i will moving to new chassis
  20. TX3 evo push pins are no closing

    HI Venay , Welcome to CM forum Your MotherBoard support LGA 2011 and Hyper TX3 Evo support up to Intel® LGA 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 775** socket Strong recommend to you is just return the Hyper TX3 Evo for safety . Please Contact Customer Services for more details
  21. Socket 1150 issue ?

    Nah i get it by what you mean , my board have got some space . Did you have problem with the temp ?
  22. CM Devastator 3 not Working

    Seem your mouse not in good condition i suggest you contact ( if you from India please contact this ) And if still not solve , please contact customer services and they will assist you .
  23. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Morning Augustine , Please contact customer services via ticket + can you help attach the picture ( how the cables are connected in the controller ) and full detail your specs .
  24. Is the 212 hyper led turbo able to fit in my case?

    Hi Tim , welcome to CM forum . What kind Chassis you have ? if your case support up to 205 mm mean the Hyper will sit man