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  1. like i said , please contact customer services for more detail
  2. Great if you live at thailand , you can ask customer services with directly via live chat at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/Modules/eRMA/Member/AnnouncementNew.aspx If me i will wait until the local store restock MLP 120 Share about my seidon 120v with dual fans blow in and out at the back
  3. Key sometimes "hangs"

    Soon i will owner this KB what i can say right now is try reset your MKL P if this can solve current issue And like i say please contact customer services , because they more more know regarding this issue You can contact at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/LogOn.aspx
  4. Welcome to CM forum . Hi Rinaldo , This state is very clear , No issue for 240 size radiator now 280 radiator size , what we see ( as below ) COSMOS II 25th Anniversary Edition will fit with 280 radiator as long not over than 320mm 1, MLP 280 Specs : Dimension (L x W x H) 311 x 138 x 27 mm (12.24 x 5.43 x 1.06") 2, Cosmos Specs : Liquid Cooling Support on the Top is 240mm/280mm radiator (max 320mm radiator) If this still make you concerned i would like suggest you to contacting customer services , they will help you more .
  5. Welcome to CM forum . Subzidite Hi . Share some story , Im owner seidon 120v from 2014 until today serving me with very well but sometimes i have problem like noise but after reapplied thermal paste and reseat the Pump&Fans my seidon back to normal and run Full Speed , So as the owner i like to say seidon 120v is silent operation . Back to you question its about before and after , Before this you didnt hear anything ( maybe have noise but less ) and now ( referring your video ) the sound not bad at all My suggestion ( Double confirm ) try open your chassis might this noise coming from you fan ? if still not solve try reseating your pump & reapplied thermal paste . And at the same times , please contact customer services and they will assist you . Regarding Seidon 120 V3 wow this one also great ..But If me i will GRAB this MasterLiquid Pro 120 ?
  6. Welcome to CM forum . Dwight Hi , Please contact customer regarding this issue and i love share some picture for your reference as below . Remember if you still facing same issue please contact customer services, they will assist you .
  7. Hyper T4 burned thermal paste damaged my computer

    Welcome to CM forum . Welcome to CM forum . Hi Jamie , Please to TRY again Regarding issue Your Hyper T4 i love suggest you to contacting customer services and they will assist you .
  8. Vertical Graphic holder.

    Welcome to CM forum , Hi Damiano , Talk with someone from HQ : the answer is yes ( Compatible ) But if you still concerned regarding this , please contact customer service and they will give you more detail .
  9. Centurion CM590. Fully Ascendant Airflow

    Nice touch Bro
  10. [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

    Welcome to CM forum . HI Thodwris , May i know how long you using this nepton ? did you try clean up your nepton and see how the result ? If you still facing same issue please contact customer service , they will assist you for more detail .
  11. Key sometimes "hangs"

    But before that did you try to reset your MLP ? Try this FN+E to reset
  12. Key sometimes "hangs"

    Welcome to CM forum , Hi Fabian , Please Contact Customer services , they will assist you
  13. MasterLiquid Pro 120 - Upcoming Chip

    Welcome to CM forum . I will say NO 2 and No 3 is good for you scout 2
  14. devastator II keyboard doesn't light up

    Welcome to CM forum Hi Bar , owner devastator combo 1 i just plug and play from windows 8 , 8.1 and now windows 10 pro 64 bits full UPDATE Do you have any system ? if yes you can try plug in your Devastator 2 and see how the result . If you still facing same issue , please contact customer services they will help you .
  15. New GPU PC Shuts down

    Customer services will assist you