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  1. CoolerMaster Storm Sniper Case

    Hi Milorad , You have great chassis man , my suggestion try contact customer services , maybe they have some solution for you ? 7 year olds if me i will moving to new chassis
  2. TX3 evo push pins are no closing

    HI Venay , Welcome to CM forum Your MotherBoard support LGA 2011 and Hyper TX3 Evo support up to Intel® LGA 1366 / 1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150 / 775** socket Strong recommend to you is just return the Hyper TX3 Evo for safety . Please Contact Customer Services for more details
  3. Socket 1150 issue ?

    Nah i get it by what you mean , my board have got some space . Did you have problem with the temp ?
  4. CM Devastator 3 not Working

    Seem your mouse not in good condition i suggest you contact ( if you from India please contact this ) And if still not solve , please contact customer services and they will assist you .
  5. Cosmos c700p led not working

    Morning Augustine , Please contact customer services via ticket + can you help attach the picture ( how the cables are connected in the controller ) and full detail your specs .
  6. Hi Tim , welcome to CM forum . What kind Chassis you have ? if your case support up to 205 mm mean the Hyper will sit man
  7. CM Devastator 3 not Working

    Mera Bhai Welcome to CM forum . Do you have others system to try ? Did you try put to others USB port ? Can you give detail like windows what kind you using and Board ? Can you snap and share it at here ? Devastator is simply combo just plug and play . By the way after you try as i mentioned above , i love you suggest you to contact customer for the next step maybe RMA your mouse .
  8. My answer is Yes and as i mentioned above > You can adjust the fan speed as you like, some MB bios has limitation on how low you can go though .
  9. Please patient , They will process as soon as possible .
  10. Socket 1150 issue ?

    Welcome to CM forum, Nah Alpha , you can see my ML 240 with dual Kingston RAMS You socket is 1150 or 1550 ? If 1150 i believe you can mount like my picture below . And below is my specs for RAMS
  11. UPS for Cooler Master 700W RS-700-ACAB-B1

    Hi Rassa , You can try check this link : New UPS for my active PFC PSU
  12. Dude , Please get an advice from Customer services by creating ticket or via live chat , they will advise you each single problem cross in you mind . The ML240 should be in silent operation , this is happen in my system So the best solution is talk with customer services and they assist you Update :
  13. try double check if the sound is coming from your fans , you should get an replacement ( RMA ) Nah i have to check back max for my fans speed will check if im not mistake is 1800-2000 ( be back ) You can adjust the fan speed as you like, some MB bios has limitation on how low you can go though Nah if we talk about ML 240 oh man the splitter that come with the ML 240 can hook to 4 pin fan no problem Hope this can help .
  14. Welcome to CM forum . Hello Christoper . Just want share with what I've been through with my ( Master Liquid 240 ) Owner ML 240 since JAN 2017 ( Run full speed ) so far run without any fail just last week i changed the fans to my old fans ( Jetflo ) the result also great . Try read this FAQ : Liquid Cooling: Where do I connect the Fans and Pump? and this How to determine if the pump is functioning on your liquid cooler If me is Yes and would be nice if you run in full speed ( 2700-2900 RPM ) This one is UP to you , you can choose any after market fans . Share my old specs i5 4690k with z97x gaming 5 + 16gb Rams ( Idle 25-30c and Load 40-69c ) Well any detail please contact customer services , they will explain more regarding this issue . Hope this can help you .
  15. Welcome to CM forum . HI Cata , In this case i love suggest you to contacting customer services , might they have some solution regarding this issue . Create ticket at here : Request Support Ticket
  16. About CM 590 III Video card length

    hehe , Update just finish talked with HQ team . Finally 280mm long graphic card will or can fit into CM 590 without removing the HDD cage . And now Up to you man and if you still concerned please contact customer services , they will give you more detail regarding this issue .
  17. About CM 590 III Video card length

    Good Day Dimitris , Welcome to CM forum . May i know what kind brands graphic card you have ? When we look picture below i take from CM official website 4 HDD sit into this chassis ? I think this is not an issue if you follow installation as in the picture ? How ever i will discuss it with someone at HQ team Be back later
  18. Can 350w psu can run r7 250

    Hello there , Try read this : POWER REQUIREMENTS FOR GRAPHICS CARDS Hope this can help
  19. Weird sound

    Hi Stian , Your ML 240 is virgin so please monitor 72hour could be that sound is Air bubbles trapped ( try reinstall ) Owner ML 240 what i can share is air bubbles or fan issue . After 72 H if still same issue please contact customer services they will assist you .
  20. So this one also need contact customer services , they will replace it . please contact them .

    You welcome Bhai
  22. Welcome man , May i know if you already register your own product ? If so you should register it at here Register a Product after that you can submit an RMA if you found your unit is faulty or defective at here : Request Support Ticket You have to fill in which one is related to your problem. If you still concerned please get an advice from customer services .
  23. Fake Services with Fake contact numbers

    Updated contact information Please refer as attached New Contact