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  1. Nice
  2. Welcome to CM forum , Hi , please contact customer services right now , they will assist you regarding this issue . Asus Power Supply Surge Detected and try study this link . but dont forget to contact both CM customer services and Asus customer services . Hope this can help .
  3. Thanks for info . Thanks for the info
  4. Welcome to CM forum. Hi Both , Better contact CM customer services , they will answer as you mentioned above . And try check this link : Hyper 212 LED AMD AM4 Compatibility Hope this can help .
  5. Welcome to CM forum . Regarding this issue i would like suggest you to contact CM customer services .
  6. cant wait too see
  7. Welcome to CM forum . Hi Poondor , You need to change i/o panle and front frame , in order to fit front door and i would like you to contact CM customer services , they will give you best solution .
  8. Welcome to CM forum . Hi Jaroon , Sorry im not understand , my advise please contact cooler master thailand via facebook . and please sent out a ticket to customer services at here : https://account.coolermaster.com/LogOn.aspx
  9. Update : please contact customer services for more detail regarding the AM4 mounting kit .
  10. Can you share some picture ? How you set yours system is up to you ( Strong recommend is Contact CM customer services ) , but I would love use the motherboard connectors and definitely not directly hook to power supply with molex adapters, cause i will have 0 capability to read rpm. If the pumps rpm suddenly stops or dramatically drops off, its failing, so being able to monitor that is a good thing. this is i do with my masterliquid 240 + z97x gaming 5 board .
  11. Yes we talk about masterliquid pro , what i already give is for your reference only and below is the link 1, MASTERLIQUID PRO 280 2, Nepton 280L I will say masterliquid can sit into that chassis and regarding the am4 I will update to you later
  12. Welcome to CM forum . Hi aep sorry late reply Please Check link as below . http://www.pcgameware.co.uk/reviews/cpu-coolers/cooler-master-nepton-280l-cpu-cooler-review/ So please double check you system specs . Hope this can help but please take note before buy , please double check with CM customer services , they will give you best result regarding this issue .
  13. Welcome to CM forum Hi, Just suggest you guys . Try sent out one email to CM customer service, maybe they have some answer regarding this issue.
  14. + to get best result please contact customer services ... they will give you ETA and ETC ..