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  1. Thanks for there responses. I have 2 140s on top at the moment. I was hoping to try and get a 280mm in there but for now I guess I can stick with the Seidon 120V. my 4770k core temps are below 80 during benching at a mild overclock (4.2) I haven't tried to push it much further yet.
  2. Can the Neptunes Radiator fit the Top recess of the 690 III? Will it fit with both a push and pull fan? Rad : 311 x 139 x 30 mm Fan : 140 x 140 x 25 mm 80mm clearance needed from case to ram By measurment I have 88mm. Is that 8 mm enough? Would it be too close to fit say a H105 thick rad (38mm?) I am not sure the 311mm length will fit. Anyone have experience with this?
  3. Here is my current setup. Here is my Proposed setup. 1) Is it worth putting the 120mm fan between the radiator and case? 2) Which setup would you recommend? 3) Would it be worth it to put a 120mm fan inside the case blowing front to rear across the graphics card
  4. I was asking if a better setup would be exhausting through the rad with all others as intake giving an overwhelming positive pressure vs my current setup with a rear and front intake and top exhaust
  5. One more quick question. I currently have the fan mounted on the radiator pulling through as an intake. Should I place it between the case and rad pushing through the radiator? Also what does the pci slot fan do for me? The psu fan is open into the case not the bottom.
  6. Ok I need an opinion. So far my setup is as above. I was thinking of making a positive pressure setup with this fan positioning. Intake: 1x200mm front, 2x140mm top Exhaust: 1x120mm rear push through seidon radiator with minor exhause of the gpu and psu. Comments?
  7. 200 mm intake in front that came with case. 2x 140 cougar pwm exhaust on top and the 120 mm radiator intake on rear. I don't think I need to push pull on the seidon 120v.
  8. Power cables narrow the space plus there are no screw holes I can reach to secure the fan on the bottom. The rear 2 are under the psu cables. The case states 1 120mm can fir but that is probably with a smaller psu.
  9. The mesh ventilation on the bottom does not extend under the hdd cages I do not believe. I'll double check tonight. Rather have the psu than the fan if it comes down to it.
  10. Seasonic 1000w psu overlaps the screw holes for a 120mm fan o wanted to use for an intake. Has anyone else had this problem? Were you able to install the fan or leave it empty?
  11. I initially was going to pull through the radiator from the back but was afraid it may screw up the circulation. I will give it a try.
  12. I purchased the CM 690III with the side window. It comes with a 200mm front fan and a 120mm rear + a 120V Seidon radiator. My plan is to place the 120mm radiator as an exhaust in the top rear. Leave the 200mm in the front, move the 120mm rear and put as an intake on the bottom and place 2 140mm exhausts on the top. Any comments on if this is a decent setup. I know it has more exhaust than intake, is that a problem?