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  1. Yeah the videos are unusable since the fans from the gpus and all the other noses interfere too much. But I found out that even I lowered the power draw from fall on 3 cards to 640watts it still clicks when cpu goes over 50%. Also I drove over to a friend who also has one of the v850 series running 2x 7970 - I plugged an additional r9 280x the beginning there was no clicking, but as soon as he fired up a wallet which used 60% cpu his PSU started clicking. Now I think that probably I might be crazy or it's just not defective but probably it has problems with haswell? Unfortanely he has the same motherboard (z87 pro) as I have at home so I dont know if this might be it. I'm going to pick up a msi z87..65 later today and test with that.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I could cancel my order altho it showed as shipped but the seller told me it was just rdy for shipping. Now I'm looking for other PSU's since I cant risk sending 11PSU away for weeks. But from what you are saying you think the PSU's are defective? And yes I tried 2 different motherboards and different cables, shuffled GPU's, different risers(thats where I assumed the problem to be :s) etc. I dont have anything to measure the voltages my self but I got an electrician coming to the office where all the miners are located to install a new breaker (dont know the english word) I'm a noobie in terms of power and electricity but each of my card is being "lifted" from the motherboard by a riser cable. I use powered riser since I dont want the GPU's to draw power from the motherboard. I prefer usb risers but since they were not available I had to use ribbon risers. Maybe they are faulty and they leak power back to the motherboard...maybe I can not power 3 cards from the molex cable? (edit: not power them only the power what the gpu would draw from the motherboard - I read on reddit that 3 cards on the molex should be enough since they draw only 25watt each (ruff estimate i think) ) I try to get my hands on some sata/molex adapters and distribute better? What could cause such clicking? I could try to record it if that would help?
  3. I have build a few mining rigs (cryptocurrency mining) past months and on my last order on PSU's when I couldnt order my preffered brand I got my hands on 3 Coolermaster V850 units. I had only 1 in action so far since I'm waiting for a cable order from china but since my order arrived I'm about to scale up my mining operation. So my design right now is any z87motherboard I can get which supports more than 4 graphic cards, 2x PSU's (1000w+650w/850w-depending on gpu's), 5-6 GPU's - 280x, 290... Now since I was pleased with the stability of my first V850 I ordered 8x v850 gold psu's from a german seller who claimed he can deliver within a week. But this is where the problems come in. Since I only use z87 motherboards with i5/i7 motherboards so I can resell the gear easier and have a more stable and powerefficient plattform. I started running gameservers on the cpus since they only idle around. When I setup the only rig which is running a v850, the psu started to make weird electrical noises - sort of clicking. The affected machine specs: asus z87 pro i5 4670 3x r9 280x 8 gig ram samsung 840 pro ssd CM v850 I checked what I draw from the wall and it was 685 - 720 Watts (this value goes up and down because of cpu usage). I then swapped it for a 860watt psu from another brand and everything was fine. Now I tested the other 2 V850 and all did the same nose when going above 700 watts. The funny thing is that when i up the vddc on my gpus so I pull 750watts the v850 has no problem with that but when I use the cpu and reach 700watts its game over..the psu's cant deliver enough voltage and the thing starts clicking + the gpus wont get enough power. That confused me because I run a few psu's and each of them is running on its max, for example a 2x 280x rig with an older i7950 no ssd but hdd...powerdraw from the wall 612-635 watt on a 4 year old 650w PSU (also gold standard). Is there a problem or something I should know about the V850? Not single 12v rail? (I have only single rail psu's). Why is only the CM ones clicking under load? I tried 2x 290 @ 300 watt each + cpu game servers running - no problem. As soon as go 3x gpu (200watt each)it goes bananas. I planned to make 4 rigs running: 6x r9 280x-vapor-x powered by 2x v850 with an i7 running a css server or similar. Now I have doubts that its supposed to do the clicking. Any advice? Plz dont tell me I should have bought v1000's to be save....I tried but not available in the quantities I needed. I got 6 1000watt psu and with that I basically bought all the 1000 watt psu's which were gold/platinum in vienna.