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  1. The difficulty of a temperature based solution is why thought to ask the group... I had looked at controllers but was curious if anyone else found one they liked. I'd want one that turned off the fans rather than just changing the intensity. I haven't come across one like that yet. And the ones I saw had 0-5 sensors so I was deciding the best location to place them to cover the 9 hard drives in each of the 915's. My drives are performance drives, they make the most sense for my usage. The drives are large and I move lots of data around. I don't feel comfortable with 3.5" drives stacked on top of each other without good ventilation. I have seen all kinds of poorly designed cases that put hard drives in cramped, low airflow locations, but I'd rather not design it that way. I might be ok with a single fan if it could move air near the hard drives but with the open nature of the 915's I assume the airflow would be short-circuited. It's too bad that I don't see any cheap/off the shelf ways of having a programmatic interface. With an interface I would easily write a program that turned the fan on when the drives were in use. Thanks for the consideration! -Bill Some other misc background information 1) I build media servers for other people too, so this solution won't be a one time thing 2) While the cost of fans isn't too much (for example in 2009 I paid $.09 per KWH which would make six 3.3 Watt fans cost $15 a year) but I don't pay the electric bill where these are installed and I don't like spending other people's money.
  2. I want to run 9 hard drives in the Haf Stacker 915R and 915F for a total of 18 drives. These drives will almost never be used. As an example lets say at most 1 hard drive will be used a week, and that the hard drive will run for less than 10 hours or less for the week. My question is how to cool them? I could just put 3 fans in each case for awesome cooling, but this would be VERY wasteful running all those fans when it might be days days/weeks/months between hard drive uses. It might be better to have something temperature or use based... While I have ideas and have researched some, I was curious if anyone else tackled this situation or one like it, and if so how did they do it? Thank you! -Bill Full Description of the scenario: I bought the three piece Haf Stacker (935+915F+915R) with the intention of using it as a media server with 24 drives connected to it (six in the 935, Nine in each of the 915's) The 935 will be the day to day storage powering the DVR, and will see it's hard drives used nearly 24 hours a day, but the 915's will have hard drives filled with media archives, meaning they will see VERY little use.
  3. Yes I live in the United States. If you can help me to ask the right question of your U.S. team I would appreciate it!
  4. I bought the 935, 915R, and the 915F in order to fully populate them with 24 3.5" drives. The reviews and the coolermaster website suggested this was possible, but I haven't been able to figure out how to get the 4 extra 3.5" drive bay cages to make this possible? 1) What is the official name for the cage that holds three 3.5" drives? For example, the 935 comes with 2 of them, and the 915s each had one. 2) How can I order the 4 cages I need in order to have 24 3.5" drive bays? I tried looking at the parts replacement form, but I didn't get anywhere. Thank You! For those who might be interested, I bought this case with an Asrock Extreme11 which has 22 Sata ports. Together with that and some sata controllers I have I hope to populate the 935 with 6 drives and each of the 915's with 9 drives each.