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  1. Cosmos 2 case fans

  2. Cosmos 2 case fans

    Where in Brussels, Belgium, can I find the 200mm blue led and the rear exhaust 140mm fans for my Cosmos 2 case?
  3. [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

  4. [Official] Nepton Owner's Club

    Will the Nepton 280l fit in the top of the Cosmos 2 (not SE)?

    I would like all liquid AIO coolers by cooler master to have a fill port so that when they eventually get low on the coolant, they can be topped up.
  6. Topping up the Seidon

    Jerry, I can't upload the .3ga file because its size is above 500kb.
  7. Topping up the Seidon

    I've been using the Seidon 240mm for the past 8 months. Recently the pump (I think) has started making a loud buzzing noise at startup. It persists for 10-15 seconds and then goes silent. I think it may be air bubbles or lack of coolant or worse could be the pump itself. Is there a way to open the fill port cap and top up the seidon without getting any leaks. I don't have a warranty to worry about because my vendor gave me a 3 day check warranty only.