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  1. Hello I have reversed the dissipator of the grafic card. From this: to this: The temperature now with the case close and the top fans set to extraction. The temperature is 30° cpu and 40° Motherboard. I think that this is the best solution possible.. now I am just missing a good program to test my Gpu temperature... can you please suggest me one? for my ATI radeon 2900XT
  2. ok i will reed the topic.. but the problem here is more related to the cosmos then the cooler
  3. I hope for you that is low.. please let me know the results
  4. All original fans were removed and silent fans were installed. Starboykb in fact is right the back fan solution is not optimal the cold air going on the Gemini II is almost extracted instantly for this reason the temperature stais at 40° is I have the back and 1 top fan exhausting the heat and the mid top fan blowing the cold air the results ( without the plastic cover are good ( 30c° cpu and 30° mother board) bus as already pointed out... It would mean a horrible looking pc and dealing with a lot of dust. ElementalDragon has a good point.. what if the fan on the HR-03 is a big part of the problem? Is there a way I can help you help me? RaptorFury you have my same configuration and same case? My room temperature is abt 20°c/22°c
  5. The CPU temperature is ok... I was worried of the temperature of the motherboard in fact ( abt 45 C idle up to 58 ° during stress game play).. Maybe this sloth fan will work... is not to noisy but I am not so sure that it will work.. because the problem in on the area above the graphic card not in the area below the graphic card... Maybe removing the intake fan from the bottom and adding a 140mm at the base of the case will help what is your opinion? what program you suggest to monitor the GPU temperature?
  6. The bios is up to date.... and I would like not to buy any extra expensive hardware.. Any way if you think that there is no other solution... what is the temp c° in your case? cpu and motherboard?
  7. as from my post I have the fan on the bottom and a fan on the HD bay.. concering buying a new cooling device and trowing out the Gemini II sure is the most simple solution hehehe but is also expensive!!! Gemini II is not a cheap pice of equipment.. I was thinking more on a fan solution or in a optimizzation of the airflow... Now I have tried a new fan configuration... 2 top fan extracting air and the back fan putting air inside.. the semperature is not very good 28° C cpu and 40° C che Motherboard but at the moment it seams less critic
  8. the point is that i choose the cosmos case hoping to obtain a slient pc also all the fans are silent... adding a noisy fan is not an option.. the Gemini II maby was not the best solution...
  9. Hello, I have to say I am satisfied by my new pc but there is to much heat inside of it. My Motherboard is at 45° C and my cpu is at 35° C in normal operating situation going up to 53-55° C the Motherboard and 40° the cpu playing at Team Fortress 2. My configuration is the following one: Cooler Master RC-1000-KSN1-GP Cosmos Asus P5K3 Deluxe/WiFi Intel Pentium Core 2 DUO E6700 Coolermaster GeminII 6-Pipe CPU Cooler 6 Coolink SWiF-1200 Basic 120mm - Ultra Silent GeCube X2900XT ATI PCI-E - 512MB GDDR3 Thermalright HR-03 R600 1 Coolink SWiF-920 Basic 92mm - Ultra Silent ASUS DRW-1814BLT DL LS SATA Tagan TG700-U25 - Dual Engine Series - 700 Watt Kingston HyperX DDR3 2Gb -1375Mhz Kit - 2G WD Caviar SE16 320Gb SATA - WD3200AAJS Vista OEM Home Premium Here are some pictures of the inside of my pc + a video. Video The idea that I have is that the Gemini II is keeping the heat inside the case near the video card not allowing the top fans to work properly and extract the hot air inside the case near the motherboard. A partial solution was to invert the air flux of the top mid fan.. that cooled the motherboard lowering the temperature to 32° c... But you understand that having the top central fan pumping air inside the case is not relay a good idea because with the cover on the case it will drag hot air extracted by the other fan and also a lot of dust. Do you ave some alternative solutions on this problem? I would be very grateful! n.b. actualy in the pictures you can see the bottom fan on top of the hard drives bays but presently is back on his original position and a extra fan is positioned on top of the hard drive bays.