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  1. Any idea for the release date of the Cooler Master Quickfire I? Really looking forward to one.
  2. Razor88

    Favorite game genre?

    I'm also not the biggest Starcraft fan. I also enjoyed Company of Heroes (1) a lot.
  3. Razor88

    Favorite game genre?

    Hey Guys What's your favourite game genre? Mine is definitely RTS ( but it's looking a little bleak these days ) RPG will come in second, but it's not much competition to the great RTS
  4. Razor88


    Dunno if this has been mentioned before, but I would seriously consider putting a better instruction manual on the Hyper 212 evo. It was a struggle for a first time builder (me) and the fact that there are Youtube videos on the installation tells me that I am not the only one.
  5. Razor88

    Building my 2nd mini-ITX rig

    Totally agree. and why not go for a Cooler Master hyper 212 evo ? It's cheaper and seems more fitting for a 760k/6800k
  6. Razor88

    How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    I have a Corsair Carbide 300R. 1 intake, 1 exhaust, 1 CPU fan (Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo), 2 on the graphics card (Powercolor 7950 boost) and 1 on the PSU (Antec HGC 620M).