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  1. rfarmer

    The Old Book

    Very unique.
  2. rfarmer

    Bellardo ZMR 500 V4 (100% handcraft)

    I remember watching this thread during the competition and thinking what a great looking build it was. Glad to see you got it finished.
  3. rfarmer

    "Chrono Master" project - finished

    I've been watching this build since the beginning and I can't imagine Asrock ever thought someone would take their gear design to this level. Your execution and attention to detail are extraordinary, great build.
  4. Love those cable combs, just ordered some for my build.
  5. rfarmer

    Gigantea - CM Elite 130 casemod

    I wanted to say congrats on grabbing 2nd place, was hoping you would win it. Have to admit the winner had a pretty badass comp.
  6. rfarmer

    Build Log: [Astray] MasterCase 5 Pro

    Man that turned out good, absolutely awesome looking build.
  7. rfarmer


    Looked through your posts and I don't see them listed, what waterblocks are those on your gpu's? Those are awesome looking, especially with the stainless tubing and connectors. Great looking build btw.
  8. rfarmer

    Build Log: [Astray] MasterCase 5 Pro

    Not sure how bad your dust will be with that open front, but man it looks good.
  9. rfarmer

    Master X5

    Beautiful build, so much attention to detail. Came out great.
  10. rfarmer

    Gigantea - CM Elite 130 casemod

    Those antenna came out really cool, and the entire build is amazing. Thanks for all the updates, it was quite a show watching you build this. Wish I could see it in person to get the scale of it.
  11. rfarmer

    Back to Nature-Ivy

    That is the craziest thing I have ever seen, but very very cool. Excellent job.
  12. rfarmer


  13. rfarmer

    Master X5

    I've always thought that the sign of a really good mod is when you can not tell it has been modded, that the work is so good it looks original. This is a really good mod, looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  14. rfarmer

    Gigantea - CM Elite 130 casemod

    When you first started this build log I have to admit I wasn't sure exactly what you had in mind. As it started to take shape I thought this guy is possibly insane. Now I am starting to think this is the coolest build I have ever seen. Can't wait to see you finish this, truly inspired.
  15. rfarmer


    I have to say that is probably the coolest scratch build pc I have ever seen.