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  1. 6/32 X 1 1/4 are the screws that are use with many radiators, you shouldn't have problems finding it
  2. yes!!, but you would only need to do that if you don't have a good airflow going through the case or an AIO. This would make the psu run warmer. You can remove the 120mm fan on the front and put a 140mm fan and add 2 (80mm fan) on the side panel and put all fans to intake to create a positive pressure. If you are using AIO you might need to put the psu upside down. Now mine has the fan facing up, and I have a rad in push pull. I did install a modular SFX psu and low profile ram to be able to add the 2 fans.
  3. Hi CM Jerry, thanks for response. I would like to install 2 fans, one on each side. This heatsink uses fan brackets to install the fan to the heatsink, I would like to know if the fan brackets for a second fan are included. thanks again
  4. You are right that if you put a fan not made for static pressure in front of a filter it would be useless. But the megaflow is not made for static pressure. Cooler master jetflo, sickle flow and blade master all provide excellent static pressure (blade master being the inferior and jetflo the best), but the majority of fans ( here im using 120mm fan)have a SP between 1 and 3.00 and some do pretty good. the noctua nf-f12 has a SP of 2.61 and they work pretty well (maybe the best you can get for a rad). the silverstone air penetrator 121 has a SP of 1.71 the gentle typhoon a-15 from scythe that so many ppl praise have 2.05 mm/h2o. the corsair SP high perform. 3.02 and the quiet edition 1.29. So my conclusion would be how effective all this fans are in pushing air. Some say 3.00 mm/h2o and are far worst than others with 2. It all depends on the fan.
  5. if you read the manual of your board on page 17 you will see the priority is A2 and B2 which are the pairs (jumping one of the slots) opposite from the cpu. On page 12 you'll see a diagram that shows you the A2 and B2 slots. Never go from what other people say, its better to read and learn. You could have problems with high ram if using all 4 slots.
  6. it really depends on the fan, the megaflow (Silent fan)being a 200mm fan has just 110 CFM and 0.595 mm/h20 (static pressure) because it only spins at 700 rpm. It moves considerably a lot of air at just 19dba. Silent fans are usually this way. If you take another 200 fan like the nzxt which spins at almost double 1300 rpms and has a static pressure of 1.82 at a terrible 37dba!! I think people should investigate what they want from a fan (silence, static pressure,etc) All fans are not build the same and each is different. Bigger fans will give you the same or maybe more airflow at less rpms than smaller fans. The same for 120 fans, some will give a lot of static pressure (this are good for heatsinks and radiators) or high airflow for case fans.
  7. Hi I have a question about the hyper t4 I would like to know if it comes with extra fan brackets for the installation of a second fan. Can someone confirm this? thanks
  8. just search "cooler master elite 130 installation" on youtube the guy from cooler master uses a 120m there
  9. it may fit but it isn't included on the specs while the Cooler master COSMOS II's specs does support EEB format Just check before investing!!
  10. the fx6300 was a better option ( for your money) and it wouldnt bottleneck the gtx 660 dont like the case, there are so many nice cases on the 40 range like the cooler master N200 mini tower (you picked a micro atx), which you could reuse with great potential.
  11. @cota472, the photo you uploaded is a mini itx board with only 2 memory slots, and the gigabyte 990fxa is an ATX mobo with 4 slots of memory. Im pretty sure you wont have any problems if you install on 2 and 4 which i think are the ones farther from CPU.
  12. its definitely a masterpiece inside and out , great job men!!!
  13. that's a very cool case!!!!!! just like cool beans said change the windows to a 64 bit version as you are not using the 8 gigas but only 4 and get yourself a GTX 650 ti
  14. funny thing is that im missing a slim 120 that goes behind the mobo (18 mm restriction). I want the Xtraflo 120 slim which is 15 mmbut its nowhere to be found but on ebay from china and at almost 20 bucks. On the photo only 2 of the 3 front fans are on as I disconnected the one on top which is a sickleflow because the dust filters that came on the drive bay covers are like metal nylon and everytime I clean them another part goes (by now all messed up), so its turn off until I get dust filter material is a lot of dust is going inside through that fan. To answer your question , I think I may have overdone myself but the thing is that I don't have AC and right now the temperature is very nice but summer, you wont believe how high the temp rises. And even with all those fans idle temps are high for me on summer, you can imagine if Im playing.
  15. In my actual built which is a rosewill blackhawk 3 - 120mm fans as intake 2 - 140 mm fans on top as exhaust 1 - 120 mm fan on bottom as intake 1 - 120 mm fan on the side as intake 2 - 80mm on PSU 2 - 120mm (push and pull radiator) total of 11 ( only 3 are coolermaster (2 sickleflow 120 2000 rpm and 1-140mm blue led) my next build which is a mini itx Elite 110 Im planning on putting a seidon 120 XL on front if possible and 2 80mm X 15mm coolermaster slim fans on the side.