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  1. Have you checked tha card? (if its ok)
  2. FlevasGR

    Ideal voltage for 3570K

    Thanks both of you
  3. FlevasGR

    Ideal voltage for 3570K

    Hello people! First of all i'm a bit new the the whole overclocking thing. Recently i clocked my cpu (3570K) to 4.0 Ghz with 1.176 which i believe is too much. What is the ideal voltage for my cpu?
  4. FlevasGR

    Official V series PSU Club

    Image quality sucks but nvm Thats my CM family <3
  5. FlevasGR

    Raz3r D3sk

    Best.Build.Ever! hiw much does it cost? hardware+moding materials
  6. FlevasGR

    Stealth MKII

    Awesome job dude. Keep going