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  1. Here's a picture of the internal of my 690 III. If possible in the future - I would love to see Cooler Master doing a refreshed 690 III. Here are some of my ideas: Scratch-resistant acrylic window side panel - mine got so many scratches from cleaning with just a towel. This is my first casing with a window side panel. I learned my lesson. I hope Cooler Master would be able to sell replacement window side panels for this. Rubber grommets on cable management holes - needless to say - this would be a lot sexier with rubber grommets in it. Option to remove the top compartment with cover - replace this with a bracket to allow 360mm radiator. This would allow further customizability for users who want to use those rads. The top mesh would have to be replaced. Change the compartment cover design - I know that it's hard to use the cover by just sliding it. I usually place my external hard drives above it. Front Panel USB3 to USB2 connector for internal pin headers - there are still people that uses motherboards without internal USB3.0 headers. It would be nice if the unit itself comes with a adapter, so that it will not be left dead blank if the user doesn't have a board with said internal headers. More headroom above the motherboard - an inch of headroom - if possible. I'm trying to do a push-pull configuration for my 120 rad positioned in the front-end of the motherboard. The result is that it blocks the memory module slot . It's possible to do a push-pull config on the rear-end of the motherboard - near the I/O ports. If you really want that configuration for a dual rad - you'll be needing to remove the top cover and place the fans above Improved top cover - the top cover has its weak points on some portions. After two days, I noticed that the top cover is not laying flat, and when I checked it out - the cover has a small crack. I just used an adhesive to put them back again. The design is fine, but the weak points should be pointed out. See the image below. Other than that I don't have anything else to say. How about you, guys? Do you have any ideas?
  2. Vocalpoint, the issue might be that you're the one who's causing the static discharge. Also, you might be on barefoot while on the room with that laminated floor that you've said. Use some slippers
  3. Just make sure to have sufficient headroom for your cooler A window side panel would also be nice
  4. There's no difference in performance in any of those set-ups. The tubes are flexible and hardly be interrupted by the flexing required. I have to say that the tubes on Seidon are the most flexible ones I can see from the market - compared to other CLCs. Regarding about the fan set-ups - I recommend using a single fan in a pull configuration. Cleaning the radiator will be easier this way - without removing the whole rad from mounting. You'll just brush the fins on the rad . In a push and pull configuration - there's no difference in performance. If you really want to see a significant temperature drop - I suggest controlling the temperature of your room
  5. Yep. Nepton are more suited for enthusiasts who want to mod their own CLCs. But if you don't want to change a thing on your CLC - Seidon 120m is just fine. I also love CLCs like these because it saves space compared to huge fins and heat pipes from air-cooled CPU coolers.
  6. There are already fan-less PSUs out there - at the market. Passively cooled, they can only have a certain maximum wattage capacity unlike PSU with cooled by fans. Cooler Master have PSUs with silent fans, but I still haven't heard any passively cooled PSUs from them.
  7. Is there a live stream for this? I think this is the first Cooler Master CLC that has a 360mm rad
  8. The airflow will be great in this case. Perfect for rig showcases. I just hope that the acrylic panel doesn't get scratched too easily.