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  1. Two 140mm fans will fit, but I doubt that the 280mm radiator will.
  2. I'm looking forward to this build. More updates please
  3. Look for the latches - they're usually made from plastic so it might a bit hard to remove the covers when they're just new. Don't put too much force - some of the easily breaks.
  4. Place the bracket before installing the motherboard in your case. Ask someone for help if you're having difficulties on doing this on your own.
  5. I've used a Seidon 120V before, and I can see that you're mounting it wrong. If you're using the bracket for an Intel socket - make sure that the Intel inscription in the bracket is visible. You're currently mounting it for an AMD socket - that explains why the AMD inscription is visible. Flip the bracket to the other side and that'll fix your problem
  6. Two 140mm fans can fit on top but the 280mm radiator certainly can't.
  7. Holy Balls! The horror of liquid cooling I'm currently using a Swiftech H220 on my build. I can see that your graphics card sustained some damages as well. I hope it's still fine.
  8. USD 3000 may be just fine for those type of people who want to get in the first line of everything. But for me - I'll guess I stick at my budget and stick with my R9 280x for now. Also, I can see that we're not yet ready for the 4K resolution to be the standard; still 1080p for me.
  9. I'm currently using a 690 III. The stock 200mm front fan is similar to Megaflow, but without LEDs and probably not the same materials used. It's just an add-on - don't expect much about it. They probably have the same RPM. It looks like this
  10. It's really nice to see an updated version of the 690 III that I saw from Jesse( I already sent an e-mail to CM Support and a follow-up e-mail with the invoice and additional details needed. I'm excited to have those rubber grommets
  11. Woah. I just noticed that this has rubber grommets for the cable management holes. I also got this 690 III. Is it possible to just buy a set of grommets for the one I owned? Or do I really have to buy a new one?
  12. Just find a good pressure optimized fan to push cool air through the fins.
  13. I guess this dual 140 rads can't fit into the top mount of my 690III.