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  1. I just wonder how much power that all takes, even a 30 amp circuit won't be enough I don't think for all of that, not to mention the heat it'd put out.
  2. Crossover 2560x1600 monitor, I may go for a 2560x1440 G-sync monitor when they release one. don't think I'll be going for 4k til I can afford the GPU power needed for them.
  3. Yeah, I don't see much of a point to a totally fanless CPU cooler unless the whole system is fanless, and if that's the case, I question how much it can cool, even with really big heatsinks.
  4. I just wonder how much modification is required for this to work, to let the rest of the computer know that it's a SSD instead of RAM, and how to properly use it. And how it can also use the RAM it needs that are in, I guess, other slots.
  5. looks good for a small case, I prefer full tower cases, and a laptop if I need mobility. But small cases have their place in things like HPTX and you can even make them pretty powerful too with the right stuff.
  6. Yep size important, ~20 CFM for a 80mm fan at 19 dBA verses 110 CFM at 19 dBA for a 200mm fan (even if you put say, 4 80mm fans in the same space, you'd still have only ~80 CFM compared to 110 though to fully take up the space you'd need to compare say, 9, 80mm fans to 4, 120mm fans to 1, 240mm fan. Ideally I'd like to see say, 120mm, 140mm, and 200mm all with 19/28/36 dBA options (via the quiet adaptor) we have the 120mm version that does just that, just need the 140 and 200 versions with the same dBA options. (no real point in having say, 5 fans at 19dBA if you have one fan at 36dBA or in my case, a room fan and use headphones heh)
  7. That power supply carries a 5 year warranty, so you should be good if you have an invoice/receipt You can contact support here: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/tech_support.php as well as submit a request for an eRMA here: http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/request_replacement.php
  8. Jetflo jetflo jetflo (140mm and 200mm versions please)
  9. YES 140 and 200mm Jetflo (I think the GTS V8 also has those as well)
  10. I'd like to see some extra high airflow and long life fans in the 140/200/230 sizes. I want to upgrade the fans in my HAF-X but my options consist pretty much of adding a single 200MM fan at the top as far as upgrading the airflow in that case via cooler master fans.
  11. A dark red or a dark blue might be nice, but I'd stay away from primary colors really heh. Also maybe a black with a few white highlights would be nice if done well.
  12. Well, one thing I'd like to know about my PSU is how much power it's taking from the wall, how much power it's pushing out, the volt/amps on each connection it's current eff. (as I think they vary a bit depending on load) how hot it is, how clean the power it's receiving and putting out is, and of course alerts if anything may be improperly connected. And maybe a power on test/diagnostic that doesn't require it to be hooked up to a motherboard for troubleshooting. Granted I don't know if this might require a dozen extra sensors in the PSU to monitor that, or if it's already monitored internally but not made externally available.
  13. So many very unique cases, some that may not really be "cases" per say, but very nice never-the-less.
  14. I don't really have the knowledge to know what capacitors are better than others atm, but I'd rather have a specific company/brand/model number than place of origin as the description of a part.