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  1. RKDxpress

    I Screwed Up And Need Some Help

    Duct Tape!! No idea if parts are available for that old of a case. I just used velcro tape to secure an ssd harddrive( 2.5 into a 5.25 bay) in my old case and had to put a screw into the side of my other HDD as it slid around in the bay as you describe. just use the right size and thread screw. Maybe some one will be able to help more.
  2. RKDxpress

    My adventures in Overclocking!

    Is 100x39 at 1.1v stock for you if not what is? also could you run something like 3dmark 11 for a benchmark at stock then when you get your 24/7 goal run it again? I could compare to that as a gamer. Thanks RKDxpress.
  3. RKDxpress

    Real Temp

    So when I bought my seidon 120m I noticed on the product video they used real temp to moniter thier temps. Well I downloaded it and ran it for a day before putting in my new cpu and cooler. Yes my temps went down 10*C on average. Not sure how the new proccesor played into temps (duo core to quad core both 3.1ghz) I read some where you need to set your TJmax so for my proccesor it should be set at 85*. That brought my temps down to 22* idle and 44* max. Does that sound ok? and my readings on the four cores vary example minimum core 1: 23* core 2: 22* core 3: 20* core 4: 20*. Max 1: 44* 2: 39* 3: 38* 4: 38* Is that much diffrance between cores ok? I'd like to try some overclocking next. Thanks for your help RKDxpress
  4. RKDxpress

    Polar Vortex

    Polar Vortex? Sounds like a good name for a new cooler. Anyone taking advantage ofit? It's -4*F outside now got the day off with blizzard warnings up. I can just open a window to drop temps quick. Playing with overclocking my cpu but my Cooler Master is keeping it comfortable as the Cat's pajamas.
  5. RKDxpress

    How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    Yeah that was an old setup. No not a water cooler but an extra power supply on the outside too power all the lights. (upper left corner) Anyway I retired her today to the garage. My new rebuild has six fans counting my new CM Seidon 120M.
  6. RKDxpress

    How many fans do you have in the chassis?

    Let's see two in the psu, one on the cpu one in the side window, one out the top, three blowing in the front, and two going out the back. Should I count the one on the gpu? Then that's Ten! Temputure is in the single digits outside case is on the floor so the cpu Idles about 33*c loads at about 45*c.
  7. RKDxpress

    Post or reply to win PRIZES!!!

    Just got my Seidon 120M in the mail today! I'm going to try the new Mod of putting a xeon cpu into a 775 socket. Waiting for the x5460 cpu to get here, hopefully tommorrow. Just trying to get some more life out of my old computer. So happy to find thermal compound in the Cooler box anything else you got would be icing on the cake. (Now that the icing won't melt) Thanks RKDxpress.