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  1. Maybe you can consider to mount the 280mm radiator at the front then the EVGA Radiator can fit at the back
  2. right here ? for MasterCase 5, i think the top support just 280mm radiator, there is a space between 120mm fan holes, so 240mm radiator is impossible for MasterCase Pro 5, the bracket for 240mm/280mm radiator in included here is MasterCase 5 review from
  3. MasterCase 5 is Mid Tower I think "maybe" Cooler Master will produce the full tower version Maybe 6/7/8/9?
  4. Hi all want to suggest about spare part order why users can't order spare parts from local distributors anymore? I need some spare parts for my case, then i called my local distributor they said they don't receive spare parts order anymore they suggest me to order from CMStore i know CMStore's locations are in Europe and United States but I'm from Indonesia. The Shipping cost is too expensive for me why Cooler Master don't open CMStore for Asia if i can't order spare parts from local distributor? or maybe Cooler Master allow users order Spare part from local distributor again? Hope to get reply from Cooler Master A.S.A.P Thank You
  5. i'm really interested to buy HAF 935 I/O Panel (The one with Power, audio, 2x usb2.0, 2x usb 3.0) not this one that on shop or maybe CM can make the I/O Panel with usb ports only? (remove the power and audio)
  6. i mount my corsair H50 with P/P config at at the top. just 1 cm left to the RAM my fan(s) setup pull from inside the case to outside of the top
  7. yes, but if you want to instal 3.5" drive at the 5/25" drive bays, you must use that 4 rubber,
  8. 4 pieces for 1 drive at 5.25" bay at 915R?
  9. I think 4 rubber bushings are for mount drive at 915's 5.25" bay, bottom, and the side (915F only)
  10. i still using it until now, so i can know if there is a problem while boot
  11. Building my HAF Stacker (not finished yet ) glad that rads can put at the front btw, i just realized, HAF Stacker's accecories doesn't include speaker for the motherboard?
  12. i'm using Seidon 240M too, i plugged 4 pin pump to CPU_Fan Connector then i don't setup anything until now just leave it Default but if you want to see full performance, maybe you should set maximum setting
  13. i think 280mm rad can't fit at the top of CM 690 III if you have measure 88mm, maybe it can do push pull it will very close with the edge of the motherboard
  14. I think, the rear of Scout 2 shoul fit Seidon 120V